In Cinemas 10 March 2016

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Mar 102016


In cinemas this week – 10 Cloverfield Lane, Victoria, Spear and Grimsby. 

10 Cloverfield Lane – A woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) discovers the horrifying truth about the outside world while living in an underground shelter with two men (John Goodman, John Gallagher Jr.). Have no expectations at all here, but if there is a film that warrants a sequel – or a film set in the same universe – it is Cloverfield. Great cast & trailer.

Victoria – Four local Berliners recruit a thrill-seeking Spanish woman (Laia Costa) to be their getaway driver for a bank robbery. This amazing film is comprised of a single take. No tricks. No effects. It premiered at last year’s Sydney Film Festival, and I [Andy] have seen few films since then that have affected me as much. Further thoughts at the link.

SpearA contemporary Aboriginal story, told through movement and dance, of a young man Djali as he journeys through his community to understand what it means to be a man with ancient traditions in a modern world. Spanning from the outback of Australia to the gritty city streets of Sydney, Spear is a poignant reflection of the continuing cultural connection of Indigenous people. It is an intimate journey with Stephen Page, one of Australia’s most celebrated artists, as he brings this modern day mythological story to the screen.

Grimsby – Dimwitted Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen) lives in an English fishing town with his loving girlfriend (Rebel Wilson) and nine children. For the last 28 years, he’s been searching for his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong). When the two finally reunite, Nobby finds out that his sibling is a top MI6 agent who’s just uncovered a sinister plot. Wrongfully accused and on the run, Sebastian now realizes that he needs Nobby’s help to save the world and prove his innocence. I haven’t enjoyed any of Sacha Baron Cohen’s creations since Borat, so I will be giving it a miss.

Weekly Recommendation – Can’t recommend seeing Victoria in cinemas enough. Essential viewing, but the release is limited – Nova in Melbourne and Golden Age in Sydney. Well worth making the effort. Cloverfield was great, and the teaser trailer for the loosely-linked Lane doesn’t reveal anything. Count us in. And speaking of trailers, Spear also looks amazing. Let’s hope Australian audiences give this local film some support.