Jul 032015


So, this month I predominantly watched films at the Sydney Film Festival. I am not going to rank them here as I normally would, because my thoughts on all but a couple can be found in my Diaries (1-3 / 4-5 / 6-8 / 9-12). My five favourite films that I saw during the crazy twelve days were Victoria, Corn Island, Welcome to Leith, Tehran Taxi and Cartel LandA couple of  controversial disappointments: Tangerine and Me & Earl & the Dying Girl. 

After Sydney Film Festival I had a bit of a hiatus and didn’t watch films or write much for a while. I took up gaming a lot more – first NBA 2K15, then Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The latter has certainly been a big time suck, but it is a fantastic game. We also did some other cultural things too – like see a stage show (Thomas Jordan’s solo act ‘Cleansed in Blood’ – if it comes to your city, I recommend it).

Coming up in July – consistent new release screenings (will try and have a review a week on the site) and the first instalment of the Director of the Month. Check out my thoughts on some June viewing below:

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Jul 012015


As always, June was a big month. It’s Sydney Film Fest time and the peak my annual viewing. Apart from 3 films, every film watched in June was at the cinema. I saw 28 at the festival and a few more on general release. My one and only rewatch for June was the glorious documentary, Winnebago Man, a film I rate as one of the best documentaries of this century thus far. I also watched a fair amount of TV, including two and a half seasons of one particular TV show. My full round-up is after the jump.

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May 022015


It rained a lot in Sydney this month. When it rains I like to stay home and binge watch TV; I don’t really feel like going out to the cinema. I only saw 5 films on the big screen this month, but I watched a heck of a lot of TV. Oh and documentaries, I watched a handful of those too. My April round-up is after the jump.

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Apr 302015


This month I focused more on watching television. I set myself a goal to watch a number of shows in their entirety, and succeeded. Mostly. I also managed to watch quite a few films (24) – more on VOD at home than in the cinema, surprisingly enough. We did attend the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere, which was a fun night, but that was the only screening. We set ourselves an enlightening Easter long weekend marathon – to watch a number of filmmakers’ debut films. Andrea Arnold, Jean-Luc Godard and Christopher Nolan amongst them.

I continued to work my way through Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PS4 and am nearing the conclusion. If I play a better game in 2015 I am a lucky newly-inspired gamer.

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Feb 282015

Throughout the month of February I watched a total of 25 films. I started out with half a dozen straight at the cinema, but have cooled off since then and been catching up with French Film Festival screeners and DTV stuff since then. It has been a rom-com/Daniel Radcliffe month.

Horns, film still

In my limited spare time I played NBA Live 15, Child of Light, Drive Club and The Last of Us on PS4 and worked through Patti Smith’s ‘Just Kids’. We have also been busy getting the final preparations for the wedding together, it is a feat I managed to achieve this much.

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Feb 012015


How is it February already? January arrived in a swirl of fireworks and summer heat. Holidays were had, jobs were resumed and life settled into its rhythm. My rhythm this year seems to be variety – I only watched 16 films, but I also watched a bunch of TV (which I have started listing in the round-up for the first time), got a PS4 and listened to a good 24-30 hours worth of podcasts. I’ve been really slack with writing, so that’s something I’m going to work on for February. My January round-up is after the jump.

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Jan 312015

Through the first month of 2015 I watched a total of 23 films. I have been making more of an effort to watch TV in 2015, and I will be including everything I watch there in these round-ups.

Mads Mikkelson

In January we were also were given a PS4, which means that on some evenings film and TV won’t matter. Nothing else will matter. We are going to have to be disciplined with how we spend our time this year, but what a cool new toy.

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