The Darkest Hour (3D)

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Jan 182012


The Darkest Hour stars the rather wooden Emile Hirsh as software developer Sean, who happens to be in Moscow for work when some rather odd aliens launch an all out attack on the city. Sean soon finds himself fighting for survival alongside his friend Ben (Max Minghella) and two girls they meet at a bar courtesy of their social networking software (one of whom is played by Australia actress Rachael Taylor).

The aliens in this film are mostly invisible beings, which are made out of energy. They kill by shooting energy out that then pulverises people instantly, turning them into ash. The problem with these odd aliens isn’t so much that we can’t see them, but that they don’t seem to follow any real rules or pseudo-science about what they can and can’t do. It makes very little sense that they can see energy through certain substances and not others. If the aliens don’t seem unconvincing in the beginning, they do as the film progresses and we get a better look at them. They look as scary as a child’s scribble of what an alien might be. It’s almost laughable.

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