SFF2013: The Bling Ring

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Jun 142013

The Bling Ring

The internet is a goldmine and the Bling Ring mined it to achieve the lifestyle they so lusted over. Why imitate a celebrity when you can simply break into their homes and take what is theirs? Their lifestyle is now your lifestyle. Review of Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring after the jump.
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Trailer: The Bling Ring

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Apr 252013

Is it just me, or is this trailer off the charts awesome? I’m a huge fan of Sofia Coppola’s films and I cannot wait for this to be released. Emma Watson looks to be channelling the very naughty celebrities from whom her character is stealing from. As always with Coppola’s films, it appears there will be a pulsating electronic soundtrack to really make the film pop.
The Bling Ring does not have a Australia or New Zealand release date at this time. It will play at the Cannes Film Festival before a limited US release on June 14.
By Sam McCosh

Five Fantastic Female Film-makers

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Mar 262012


Sometimes the movies can feel like a boys club. Not only are most of the lead characters in movies male, but the vast majority of film directors are too. Fear not! there are plenty of great women making amazing movies. After the jump read about five of our favourite [active] female directors.

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