Mar 172014

A 10 year-old girl living in Saudi Arabia abides by her strict culture yet never stops observing and questions the more unfair notions of a society that operate in the favour of men. All she wants however, is a bike, but she’s told that it’s not appropriate for a young girl’s virtue. She just wants to be an individual with the freedom to experience pure joy, much like any child does. Does it resonate? Do we come to care about a girl and her bike in the first place? My review of Wadjda after the jump.

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Jul 152013

before midnight

We join Jesse and Céline in Greece, some nine years since we last saw them in Paris. What has happened since? Did they end up together, or did they go their separate ways?

Please consider everything after the jump a spoiler for this film. If you want to go into Before Midnight knowing nothing about why the pair are in Greece, then read no further. Please also note that the endings of both Before Sunrise and Before Sunset will also be discussed in this review. If you haven’t seen either of those films, please do not read ahead and watch them asap – you’ll be doing yourself a great service.

My review of Before Midnight is after the jump.

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Jun 272013


Broken families, hidden secrets and the repercussion of lies. Why yes it is a new Asghar Farhadi film. Farhadi’s latest effort explores a deeply complex and convoluted family situation that proves devastating and affects more people and more people as truths and lies alike continue to surface. My review of The Past after the jump.

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Jun 202013


Mike and Sulley, the two most lovable monsters from Monsters Inc once went to university and weren’t necessarily friends at first. So how did it all lead to their eventual friendship and place at Monsters Inc? It’s my review of Pixar’s Monsters University after the jump.

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Jun 182013


A teen coming of age story set in small town, beach side America, where a 14 year-old boy learns about love, life and that crazy notion of adults not having all the answers. Seen that film before? Would you want to see it again despite knowing the revelations the protagonist will probably have? What if Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Toni Colette starred in it and the show was run by Jim Rash and Nat Faxton, who won an Oscar for The Descendants? Could they do anything different with the familiar formula? My review of The Way Way Back after the jump.

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Jun 142013

The Bling Ring

The internet is a goldmine and the Bling Ring mined it to achieve the lifestyle they so lusted over. Why imitate a celebrity when you can simply break into their homes and take what is theirs? Their lifestyle is now your lifestyle. Review of Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring after the jump.
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