Nov 302014

The Captive

A busy day ends with a stop to get pie on the way home. It’s just a quick stop, he can even see his truck through the window. He talks to the assistant, gets his pie (cherry) and then gets back in the truck. This is the beginning of the nightmare for Matthew, the beginning of unimaginable pain. The Captive is reviewed after the jump.

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Feb 092012

Film Title: Safe House

Denzel Washington is back in ‘tough guy action mode’ for this gun-totting, knife-stabbing, car-chasing solid but unoriginal action film, set in Cape Town, South Africa.

The film is based around CIA operative Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) who is the resident agent, or “house-keeper” at a CIA safe house in Cape Town. Matt wants nothing more than to escape the far-flung dreary outpost and become a full case officer in Paris. His mundane daily work-life is shattered when highly sought-after traitor and ex CIA operative Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is brought to the safe house for holding.

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