The Witch

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Mar 132016


Robert Eggers’ skillfully crafted début horror film caused a stir at its première at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, where Eggers won the Best Directing award. After being slated for a surprisingly wide U.S release, there was a wave of anticipation, and in-turn lots of mixed reactions (a C- Cinemascore for example). A small selection of Australian audiences – it is releasing on one screen in Melbourne and Sydney only – will get the chance to settle their expectations in the cinema. Considering the sort of horror film it is – a slow-build, lathered thick in atmosphere and even thicker New England accents – it is rather puzzling to hear so much buzz. The marketing has been excellent. Horror buffs hoping for the splattering of gore offered by the Saw films or the jump scare-per-minute pace of The Conjuring will likely find themselves squirming in restlessness, but this film offers very real terror by building a convincing context for a predatory menace and takes the time to genuinely earn your fear. Continue reading »