Quarterly Film Round-Up: October – December 2012

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Dec 302012


I can’t believe that we’ve reached the end of 2012. What a year for film! Making my top 20 Aus cinema releases was so incredibly hard. I could have easily written a different 15-20 on another day. I’ve been truly lucky to watch so many films this year, and I have to give huge thanks to Cam Williams, Blake Howard, Dwayne Lennox, Chris Elena, Andrew Buckle, Matt Pejkovic and many more for helping me establish myself in the film blogging community in Sydney. Thanks for your support, contacts and constant inspiration gents – without your help I would not have got this far.

As I had so many new release films to check out, my viewing this quarter was mostly new cinema releases and rewatches on DVD. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to go back and watch too many classics (at least none I thought highly of anyway). I watched a total of 82 films in this quarter, which with added to the 273 from the first three-quarters, takes me to 355 films for 2012. Damn! I was oh so close to my film a day goal. There are still 2 days left of the year, but I think I’ll just chill and step away from the screen. It’s just a number after all…

After the jump check out my top 10 “new to me” films for the third quarter of 2012. I have also listed my 10 film related goals for 2013. Now that I’ve put them out there, I expect you lot to hold me to them!

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