Poster: Godzilla

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Apr 292014


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how awesome the [Australian] poster for Godzilla is. I look at that poster and I can hear that distinctive and ominous roar…
The film releases in Australia on May 15.

Poster: Only Lovers Left Alive

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Mar 252014

It’s not very often that a poster really draws me in, but I’ve been thinking about this Only Lovers Left Alive poster since I saw it on the wall at the local cinema last week. I think it’s the font – hot pink and Gothic. It’s such a fun combo and it simply pops off the poster. Without knowing anything about the film, the font hints at something special, something dark even? The gorgeously talented Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton looking like hungover rock n roll stars only adds to the intrigue. Why is he holding her like that? What’s in her hand out of the frame? Jim Jarmusch is such an interesting filmmaker, I am so looking forward to seeing this when it releases in Australia on April 17.

Australian Poster & Standee for Holy Motors

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Jul 272012

Holy Motors

My favourite film of the year (so far) Holy Motors is set for release in Australia on August 23. Icon Film Distribution have released a new poster and standee for the film. Above is a photo of the standee at a local Sydney cinema (photo by Alex Cassimaty). The standee features quotes from the reviews of two fantastic Australian critics – one from Rich on Film writing for Quickflix, while the second is from Andy Buckle, my wonderful boyfriend and editor of The Film Emporium. It is fantastic to see such a great film using local writer’s quotes for their advertising.

Below is the Australian one sheet for the film, and this one features a quote from Sydney critic Richard Gray of The Reel Bits .

Holy Motors poster

You can check out my review of the film here.