Apr 302016


For some reason Ryan McNeil keeps inviting me back to speak on his podcast. I am flattered, but not always up to the task. For this episode we talked about the #52FilmsByWomen challenge (read more about the challenge here). I really enjoyed the chat, but man (or ‘woman’, as would be more appropriate in this case) – my brain was not playing ball. I found it so difficult to articulate myself and describe the plots of films I had watched only a few months before. It was rather frustrating. I am certain I created quite a lot of editing work for Ryan!

Despite my brain farts, I encourage you to give this a listen. This challenge has been incredibly rewarding and at times, rather challenging, particularly in terms of sourcing the films and the lack of films directed by women showing at the cinema in general release. I think you’ll get from the podcast that Ryan and I are both getting a lot out of the challenge, and are for the most part, enjoying it immensely. We also talk about some films we have enjoyed, and some films we are looking forward to checking it. It’s a great way to get some recommendations if you want to get into the challenge, or just watch some more films directed by women.

The full episode is available here.

Jun 112015



An Online Universe’s Andrew Buckle joins Blake Howard of Graffiti with Punctuation, on episode 80 of Pod Save Our Screen. The pair check in at the halfway mark of the 2015 Sydney Film Festival, and talk about their highlights thus far. Listen/get the download link here.

Nov 052014


Without a doubt, Nightcrawler is one of my favourite films this year. So when Ryan asked if I would come on The Matineecast to talk about it, I was delighted.

Usually Ryan and his guest talk about a couple of other films at length (The Otherside), but for this episode we mostly let that slide, and got into the nitty-gritty of Nightcrawler.

If you haven’t seen the film yet you might want to be cautious, as we do stray into spoiler territory.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Nightcrawler releases in Australia on November 27.

Sep 132014


Hello from Toronto and the Toronto International Film Festival! I have had the most amazing time in Toronto and it’s mostly not because of the movies. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many good films (NIGHTCRAWLER!!!!), but it’s really the people who have made the experience really special.

One of the people I was most looking forward to meeting was Ryan McNeil of The Matinee. Ryan’s writing is some of my favourite on the web and I had a hunch that he would be a top guy to hang out with. My hunch was right – Ryan is not only a fun person, but has been extremely kind and helpful during my time here in Toronto.

Andrew Buckle and I sat down with Ryan (over crepes and coffee) at a local café to chat about the festival and THE COBBLER, a film which we had just seen together. Head over to The Matinee and give it a listen.

I’ll be back in about 10 days, so keep an eye out for lots of TIFF reviews which will be heading to the site. In the meantime, continue enjoying the quality guest posts I’ve been lucky to be able to post.

Jun 172014


Matthew Pejkovic (of Matt’s Movie Reviews) and I wrap up the 2014 Sydney Film Festival in this fun and concise chat. We discuss building a festival programme; highs and lows; the official competition; and the expansion of the festival into other corners of Sydney. Listen to the podcast here.

Jun 152014


Dan Slevin and Kailey Carruthers are back with their new film podcast, Rancho Notorious. I really enjoyed listening to Dan and Kailey in their former home, so I’m so glad their campaign to fund a new podcast was successful.  I was so delighted when Dan asked me to be a guest on the pilot episode. We recorded this halfway through Sydney Film Festival so I must admit that I was extremely exhausted. Afterwards I realised I said “real” instead of “really”. How embarrassing. Don’t let that stop you listening though. The episode synopsis is below:

This week, Dan and Kailey are joined by TVNZ’s Darren Bevan to review Tom Cruise in Edge of TomorrowThe Fault in Our Stars (starring Shailene Woodley) and NZ indie Fantail are reviewed and Sam McCosh reports from Australia on the Sydney Film Festival.

Check the show at Funeral & Snakes and follow them on Twitter.

Apr 282014


Matthew Pejkovic and I have been friends and critic colleagues for a couple of years now, so I was rather chuffed when he asked if I would appear on his MMR podcast. Our topic was Transcendence and all things Johnny Depp. I liked the film more than Matt, and I really enjoyed chatting with him about it. One thing we did agree on was that Depp really gives a nothing performance. In light of this film and his last few performances Matt asked, Is Depp still cool? What could he do next to inject some life back into his career?

Listen to the podcast here.