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Nov 262015


After the dignified, heartfelt Rocky Balboa allowed the character to have one last time in the spotlight and redemption for the ill-conceived Rocky V, there were seemingly few places left for the character to go, having gone the distance to prove that he was relevant and worthy of respect in his twilight years. Nine years later, the Rocky series has been revived in a most unexpected way and against the odds, Creed manages to take an unwieldy spin-off concept and not only blaze a path for a potential new franchise, but enriches and respects the films that came before.  

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Are We Officially Dating?

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Feb 042014

In every relationship there comes a moment when it’s time to get on board or bail. That moment when one party asks the other, “So…are we officially dating?” Three friends navigate relationships and that awkward moment in Are We Officially Dating? My review after the jump

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