The Gambler

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Feb 032015

You know those experiences in the cinema that are memorable for reasons that are difficult to explain? The film has an unusual aura that is hard to place? Its mechanics are so unpredictable, its tone and pacing so well overlaid that any questionable existential showboating or implausible narrative seems irrelevant? The Gambler offers one of those. Find out why after the jump:

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2 Guns

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Oct 132013

Mark Whalberg and Denzel Washington playing partners in crime but aren’t really criminals, stealing from crime lords and ginormous enterprises which all culminate to a shoot em up fest filled with plot contrivance and charm. …And there really are more than 2 guns. My review after the jump.

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The Forgotten: I Heart Huckabees

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May 182013


It’s the year 2004. Oceans Twelve has proven to be disappointing, a slew of questionable Christmas films have flooded the megaplexes and Jude Law is in EVERYTHING. There’s one film however, that may have the greatest title ever invented, stars half of Hollywood (yet not a single actor is typecast or degraded) and it’s one of the smartest comedies to ever be released.

But unlike most films in The Forgotten series, it was seen by a decent amount of people. However, it was simply written off as just another weird indie comedy….that just so happens to star Jude Law

This week it’s David O Russell’s I Heart Huckabees.

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Jun 262012


A lonely young boy makes a wish that his teddy bear could talk, and through some magic the wish is granted. This sounds quite lovely, but this film is far from a child’s fairytale. Check out the review of the rather adult comedy after the jump.

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