Safety Not Guaranteed

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Oct 042012


A journalist and his two interns travel cross-country to investigate a man and his add in the paper regarding a partner needed for his attempts at time travel. It’s only when one of the interns get too close with the odd individual and his theory on time travel that things start to become all the more complicated. Is Safety Not Guaranteed a heartfelt Dramedy with originality and real characters? Or is it just another American Indie flick with guitar strumming, road trips and quirkiness bursting through the seams? Find out after the jump.

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Your Sister’s Sister

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Sep 072012


Jack escapes to his best friend’s remote cottage for some head-space and finds his best friend’s sister has also fled there, in need of her own time to heal. A relationship drama with more laughs than tears; check out my review of Your Sister’s Sister after the jump.

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