May 012016


What constitutes a sexy movie? Is it something explicit like the shooting a Cadbury Cream Egg ejaculate into one’s mouth like Short Bus? No. Is it a movie that features ONE blindingly good sexy scene a la Neve Campbell and Denise Richards’ pool party in your pants in Wild Things? No. A sexy movie is about tension or sexual energy between the characters. A sexy movie immerses you into a filmmaker’s voyeuristic gaze; appraising beauty and passion of the characters. A sexy movie is about being tempted with what’s forbidden and occasionally giving in and having a taste. With that in mind, here’s my Top 10 Sexiest Films of All Time. In no particular order…

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Jan 052016


Every year I look ahead and pick 10 films from the upcoming slate that I am interested in seeing. Some years I pick well, other years, not so much. You can see my 2015 picks here. I picked 2 of the worst films of 2015, 1 film I didn’t see, and 1 that didn’t even get release. Of those picked I only really loved Knight of Cups, although I will defend Jupiter Ascending, Blackhat and Tomorrowland, 3 films dismissed by most which I quite enjoyed.

Along with the 10 I have picked, I am also looking forward to seeing all of the yet-to-be-released-in-Australia-2015 films: The Hateful Eight, Anomalisa, Steve Jobs, Sherpa, Sunset Song, Son of Saul, etc.

See my 10 picks for 2016* after the jump.

(*there is absolutely no guarantee that we will get to see these films in Australia in 2016 – we can only hope)

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Dec 232015

45 Years Still

This was a year of so many wonderfully inclusive, sweet, exciting, different, heartbreaking and magical films. And if you were to think for a second that statement is an exaggeration – I believe that the top six films on this list are better than any film I saw last year. It was the year of smart, fun, thoughtful and strong women as protagonists in films. It could always be better, there’s always room for improvement, but I hope that the films on this list in some way represent the amazing women in film this year and my feelings regarding that.

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May 272015

inside out

Cold days and ever colder nights. Winter is the perfect time to escape to the cinema. For those in Sydney, the season starts with the annual film festival, this year running June 3-14; while Melbourne’s annual film festival kicks off in late July. Outside of the festivals, there’s still a fair bit coming to cinemas. Here’s our pick for 12 films to watch this Winter.

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Dec 232014


So, the rule, if any is..if it got any sort of release in 2014, it’s eligible. The rule of festivals means nothing, purely because I’m still waiting for a DVD release of Alps which was on my list in 2012. If you see a film on this list that you want to catch but it was a festival film, it should hopefully encourage you, like me to fight to see the film in some way!

These films, these are the ones with good female characters, characters of ethnic diversity, characters who speak languages other than English and stories that exclude no one, but to some degree baffle all.

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Dec 212014


Earlier in the week I posted by Best Films of 2014 list. This list was a mix of new releases, festival titles, films I had seen overseas and films which went direct to home release. I wanted to share my list of the best Australian cinema releases of the year – all of these films got a cinema release at one or more Australian cinemas in 2014. Check the list out after the jump.

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Nov 262014


As we enter into the Australian Summer and 2015 cinemas are decked out with a mix of family films for the holidays and all of the Oscar hopefuls, launching later than the U.S so that distributors can take advantage of the marketing opportunity. Quite often, it is the time for some of the best cinema of the year. Here are twelve films to keep an out for this Summer.

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Mar 142014

This is the tenth post in the “The Best Films Set In…” series. The setting can be a place (like Tokyo), a location (like the beach), or a time (like Winter). In these posts I’m going to pick my 5 favourite films that are set in that particular place/location/time and explain why I like them.

In honour of season one of True Detective and it’s absolutely amazing setting (which was a character in its own right), we’re going deep.

After the jump, check out my picks for The Best Films Set In…The Deep South.

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