May 052015

The Salvation

Just about every possible narrative has been covered by the Western genre over the years. It is one of the oldest of film genres. 21st Century cinema has seen a selection of outstanding revisionist westerns, including films like No Country for Old Men that fit into the post WWII-set sub genre.

But, through bold productions like HBO’s Deadwood and Kelly Reichhardt’s Meek’s Cutoff the 19th Century west is still dared to be explored. The Salvation, written and directed by one of the four signatories of the Danish Dogme95 film movement, Kristian Levring, is a new addition. It is a fantastic-looking, old-fashioned but distinctly European flavoured brand of the bloody and brutal revenge western, with an authentic recreation of the 1870’s American Wild West on the cusp of an oil boom. It is an efficient and thrilling 90 minutes.

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