Black Sea

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Apr 132015


Black Sea is a claustrophobic heist thriller directed by Kevin McDonald (director of Touching the Void, The Last King of Scotland and How I Live Now) from an original screenplay by Dennis Kelly, and featuring an all-star British and Russian cast. Set almost predominantly on board a submarine this is a film about bitter and desperate men placed in physically and mentally stressful situations. The submarine film is a genre all of its own, and this will absolutely satisfy fans. It is very intense, and the wringing of suspense is outstanding. There are several sequences, and I won’t discuss them here, with the capacity to give heart palpitations.

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Dom Hemingway

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Dec 102013

Dom Hemingway

Recently we’ve been asked as audience members to endure some of the most vile characters imaginable, who have been our entry way into unpleasant stories. Dom Hemingway, the ugliest and loudest of the bunch is in fact the most proud of himself and also the nicest. Why? Because even he knows the people that surround him don’t have one tenth the soul and charm he possesses. In the case of Dom Hemingway, character and dialogue is paramount and narrative is his bitch. My review after the jump.

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The Forgotten: I Heart Huckabees

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May 182013


It’s the year 2004. Oceans Twelve has proven to be disappointing, a slew of questionable Christmas films have flooded the megaplexes and Jude Law is in EVERYTHING. There’s one film however, that may have the greatest title ever invented, stars half of Hollywood (yet not a single actor is typecast or degraded) and it’s one of the smartest comedies to ever be released.

But unlike most films in The Forgotten series, it was seen by a decent amount of people. However, it was simply written off as just another weird indie comedy….that just so happens to star Jude Law

This week it’s David O Russell’s I Heart Huckabees.

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