10 Cloverfield Lane

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Mar 102016


While it may only be a relation to Cloverfield in name and a similarly tense atmosphere, 10 Cloverfield Lane is a terrific début feature film from Dan Trachtenberg. The film delivers both a nail-biting cinema experience, and a captivating, dark performance from the incredible John Goodman.

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Feb 202016


Based on the biography, ‘Dalton Trumbo’by Bruce Alexander Cook and directed by Jay Roach (the Austin Powers films, Meet the ParentsTrumbo details the life and career of Dalton Trumbo, portrayed with tremendous charisma by the Academy Award-nominated Bryan Cranston (TVs Breaking Bad), an elite and gifted Hollywood screenwriter who was Blacklisted – denied the right to work – for his support of Communism at a time when America was stricken with Post-WWII paranoia. Continue reading »

The Gambler

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Feb 032015

You know those experiences in the cinema that are memorable for reasons that are difficult to explain? The film has an unusual aura that is hard to place? Its mechanics are so unpredictable, its tone and pacing so well overlaid that any questionable existential showboating or implausible narrative seems irrelevant? The Gambler offers one of those. Find out why after the jump:

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