Mar 302014

Every so often, a new director comes along, takes a film genre mired in stagnant and uninspired repetition and completely revolutionises it. In the 1980’s, John Woo energised the action genre with his heroic bloodshed gunplay movies. In 2011, Gareth Evans did it with The Raid, an explosive martial arts film that made every Hollywood action movie look like a shoving match between two preschoolers. Now, Evans and his team have returned to once again show everyone how action should be filmed. And boy, does he deliver. My review of The Raid 2 after the jump.

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Mar 162012


An elite police squad is sent on an assignment to take down a notorious crime lord.  All they need to do is storm the building, find the head honcho, and get out. Sounds simple right? Check out our review of The Raid (Serbuan maut) after the jump.

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