The Witch

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Mar 132016


Robert Eggers’ skillfully crafted début horror film caused a stir at its première at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, where Eggers won the Best Directing award. After being slated for a surprisingly wide U.S release, there was a wave of anticipation, and in-turn lots of mixed reactions (a C- Cinemascore for example). A small selection of Australian audiences – it is releasing on one screen in Melbourne and Sydney only – will get the chance to settle their expectations in the cinema. Considering the sort of horror film it is – a slow-build, lathered thick in atmosphere and even thicker New England accents – it is rather puzzling to hear so much buzz. The marketing has been excellent. Horror buffs hoping for the splattering of gore offered by the Saw films or the jump scare-per-minute pace of The Conjuring will likely find themselves squirming in restlessness, but this film offers very real terror by building a convincing context for a predatory menace and takes the time to genuinely earn your fear. Continue reading »

It Follows

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Apr 102015


It Follows has been at the centre of discussion since the Cannes Film Festival last year. David Robert Mitchell’s (Myth of the American Sleepover) film screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival last July and then at the Toronto International Film Festival in September to positive buzz and critical acclaim. It’s expansion from very limited screens to 1,000+ in the US has made it the independent hit of 2015 to date, and for good reason. It is an intelligent, accomplished feat of claustrophobic horror filmmaking with the capacity to transcend the cinema environment, get under a viewer’s skin and continue to terrify long after the credits.

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