Jul 212016


Opinion has been sharply divided over the two rebooted Star Trek films spearheaded by J.J Abrams. Many long-term fans of the sci-fi behemoth have been underwhelmed, dismissing the films as action films set in space. Others with less investment in the property, myself included, have found great enjoyment in them for precisely the same reason.
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May 012016


What constitutes a sexy movie? Is it something explicit like the shooting a Cadbury Cream Egg ejaculate into one’s mouth like Short Bus? No. Is it a movie that features ONE blindingly good sexy scene a la Neve Campbell and Denise Richards’ pool party in your pants in Wild Things? No. A sexy movie is about tension or sexual energy between the characters. A sexy movie immerses you into a filmmaker’s voyeuristic gaze; appraising beauty and passion of the characters. A sexy movie is about being tempted with what’s forbidden and occasionally giving in and having a taste. With that in mind, here’s my Top 10 Sexiest Films of All Time. In no particular order…

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Jul 032015


Fresh off Inherent Vice, Paul Thomas Anderson will write and possibly direct a live-action version of Pinocchio for Warner Brothers … wait, what?!?

Apparently, Anderson is a buddy with Robert Downey Jr. who is set to play Geppetto; so somebody is cashing in a favour.  Best explanation: Downey dropped out of Inherent Vice and was replaced by Joaquin Phoenix.  Worst explanation: one of them knows where the bodies are buried.  Maybe Anderson just wants to build his dream pool?  He deserves it.

While hardcore Anderson fans cry “sellout”, it’s quite common for known filmmakers to have a screenplay smudge on their resume, albeit, most of these credits are early in their careers, but a screenwriting credit and payday nonetheless.

While the final product may not represent the filmmaker’s work on the script, with subsequent rewrites and the work of un-credited script doctors, it wasn’t an experience humiliating enough for them to use a pseudonym.  Plus hindsight makes this exercise lot easier, so enjoy the seven filmmakers with dents in their resumes.

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Mar 132015


Thanks to Matthew Pejkovic for this addition to The Forgotten series. You can read more of Matt’s writing here [Ed].

Talk to you average movie fan about filmmaker Martin Scorsese and the usual films we pop up: Goodfellas; Taxi Driver; Raging Bull… Yet constantly lost in the shuffle is the 1973 classic Mean Streets, a film that is not only authentic in feel and immensely personal in its subject matter, but also marked the arrival of Scorsese and his unique brand of urban filmmaking.

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Mar 102015


Thanks to Will Malone for this review. You can find more of Will’s writing here [Ed].

‘If nothing else, then at least the scenery should be nice’, was the phrase I overheard as I took my seat to watch Wild, an epic, true-life tale, of Cheryl Strayed’s  (Reese Witherspoon) journey to conquer both the 1100 miles of the Pacific Coast Trail and her own self-destructive demons which drove her there in the first place.

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Mar 082015



Thanks to Ruth Richards for this addition to The Forgotten series. You can read more of Ruth’s writing here [Ed].

Another year, another Oscar’s ceremony has come and gone. I can’t claim that I pay particularly close attention, but I was very excited to see the nominees for this years Best Animated Feature Film at the Oscars. The range of animation styles on show, from the hand-drawn grace that is The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, the quirky stop-motion of The Boxtrolls and even Disney’s Big Hero 6 (the eventual winner) – make for an impressive group of films. I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every one of the nominees I’ve seen, but it’s the one I haven’t seen that I’m most looking forward to…

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Mar 062015

Thanks to Matthew Pejkovic for this addition to The Forgotten series. You can read more of Matt’s writing here [Ed].

In 2011 the world looked on in morbid fascination as actor -and self-declared “warlock”- Charlie Sheen imploded in a very public and bizarre meltdown following his termination from the popular TV comedy Two and a Half Men.

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Mar 032015



Thanks to Ella Donald for this piece. You can read more of Ella’s writing here [Ed].
On March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day celebrating women and calling for change in areas where women still face challenges. This post is apart of the Women’s Appreciation series, where I take a look at influential and important women in film, whether the characters or the actors who bring them to life on-screen. It is based on this prompt.

In September 2006, veteran Canadian actor Sarah Polley would première her directorial and writing début at the Toronto Film Festival. The film was Away From Her, an adaptation of the Alice Munro short story ‘The Bear Came Over the Mountain’, and it would be nearly universally acclaimed, receiving rave reviews that were shocked at how Polley had managed to create such a mature, insightful portrait of fidelity and forgiveness at such a young age.

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