12 Films to Watch This Spring

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Sep 042016


With the Blockbuster season all-but over, typically the Australian Spring months offer up less anticipated, but usually more interesting films. Typically, they include a higher volume of smaller productions (no box-office giants to compete with), and higher-quality international films and documentaries. This year we are privileged to have new films from Paul Verhoeven, David Mackenzie, Amma Assante, Mel Gibson, Andrea Arnold and Denis Villeneuve, amongst others. We’ve picked 12 we’re particularly looking forward to seeing, check them out after the jump.

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12 Films To Watch This Autumn

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Feb 282015


Award season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the end of quality cinema – in fact, I’d say it means the opposite. March-May traditionally sees the release of some great indies and arthouse film from Toronto, New York and other film festivals; as well as seeing the first of the [US] “summer” blockbusters.

We’ve picked 12 that we are excited for, but the list of films could have easily been double that. Check out our picks for 12 films to watch in Autumn after the jump. Continue reading »