May 212014

cannes May means two things for me, Cannes and Sydney Film Festival. While Sydney Film Festival isn’t until June, May is all about the pre-fest screenings and the research into the programme. With limited money and time, there are only so many films I can see and I try to get the mix right. I really enjoy following Cannes vicariously online, reading the first reactions to films and skimming the reviews. I must admit I’m partial to a little red carpet glam too. With this in mind, here’s my festival-heavy Film Link Goodness for May 2014.

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Mar 292014

So, it appears that this is my first Film Link Goodness of 2014. Errrr…sorry? I really thought I had done one of these already. I’ve read some great stuff around the web lately and felt that it was time to group some of it together to share with you all. Favourite directors, The Lego Movie, writing about film and more in my March 2014 Film Link Goodness after the jump.

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Nov 252013

After a 3 month hiatus, Film Link Goodness is back. I must apologies for not keeping up with the posts, but much like everyone else, I’m busy and sometimes life gets in the way. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been on a wonderful holiday in New Zealand. During my trip I only went to the cinema twice (Mr Pip, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), so I don’t have too much to write about right this moment. The rest of you have kept busy however, and I’ve enjoyed catching up on films via your writing. After the jump check out the links.


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Jul 212013

Pacific Rim

After a hiatus in June, film links are back. It’s already July! Can you believe it? For my Northern Hemisphere-dwelling friends, that means Summer Blockbuster season is in full swing. For us in the South, cinema has offered many great chances to escape the cold Winter days. Check up my round-up of great things from the wonderful people on the internet after the jump.

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May 182013


Hello film lovers, and welcome to the May 2013 edition of Film Link Goodness; the first edition in the swanky new looking An Online Universe. Thank you all so very much for your kind words about the redesign. We love it and we hope we’ve created a site which is an enjoyable place to stop by and read a little.

It’s blockbuster season and film festival season, so there is plenty going on at the moment. Check out the goodness after the jump.

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Apr 042013

stories we tell

Well it’s that time of year when the Christmas break was some time away, and the Oscar films have come and gone. I have to say that not much has inspired me lately…Thankfully there are better things on the horizon; and as always the beautiful people of the internet are keeping busy with creative and interesting things. April 2013 edition of film link goodness after the jump.

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Jan 302013

complianceA belated Happy New Year film-lovers! Apologies for the lateness of this links post, but between moving house and work I have been swamped. This links post may be a little bit sporadic while I’m so busy, but I will attempt to get at least one up each month.

With the Academy Awards fast approaching, a large number of nominated films are being released or having their releases expanded and this is helping contribute to the large volume of great writing out there at the moment. I’m happy to shine the light on some of it after the jump.

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