The Best Films of 2014 [Andy]

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Dec 212014


I have been more privileged than normal with the sheer number of films I have been able to see this year. I ventured across the world to attend the Toronto Film Festival, and made an effort to see at least one film at each of the festivals that run in Australia. It has been a terrific year, and I think what is notable is the incredible depth of excellent films.

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Home Alone: Where Are They Now?

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Dec 252012

home alone

It is no secret how much I love Home Alone. I watched in this Christmas Eve as I have ever single Christmas Eve since it was released. After watching it yesterday I started to wonder what the cast had gone onto. After the jump check out what I found out about some of cast of the film I have watched more than 40 times.

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My Horror Odyssey

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Aug 302012


Last week I decided that this September and October I would try to fill the gaping hole in my film knowledge that is classic (pre-1980s) horror films. I asked for your suggestions both in a post and on Twitter – thanks to everyone who contributed. With the help of Andy I have picked 10 films that will no doubt give me nightmares in the upcoming weeks to come. Check them out after the jump.

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