Last Days Here

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Jul 282013


Pentagram rocked. The pioneers of doom metal lead an underground music movement in the 70s, before finally releasing a full-length album in the 80s. Throughout this time the only constant band member was  vocalist Bobby Liebling; but decades of drug use and fighting personal demons left Bobby without the tools to successfully chase his dreams. Fast-forward a few decades the 2000s and Bobby still has the same dreams, but the demons remain. Can he turn things around and do something with his talent? Or have the drugs beaten him for good?

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Jan 042013


A man in a limo travels across town to get a haircuts whilst the world outside the limo is going crazy. What if I were to say the great performance of the man in the limo is played by Robert Pattinson. Yes, the former vampire/human disco ball from the Twilight series runs the show and is fantastic. If you’re doubtful of this being possible, let me prove that it is and read my review after the jump.

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Crazy Stupid Love

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Feb 052012

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Apart from being a showcase for Ryan Gosling’s chest, Crazy Stupid Love is a conventional romantic comedy where the central relationship is the least compelling of all the story-lines.

Carell stars as Cal Weaver, a rather dowdy middle-aged man who splits from his wife (Julianne Moore) after finding out she has had an affair with a colleague (Kevin Bacon). Cal turns to drinking, and begins to spend a lot of time in a bar complaining about how much his life sucks. At this bar he observes ‘ladies man’ Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) in action. Jacob decides to take the rather desperate Cal under his wing and teach him his women charming ways.

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