Jun 072015


On weekends and the public holiday Monday, daytime subscribers only see two films per day instead of the usual four, with the night subscribers taking the opposite schedule. Today we opened once again with a documentary before moving on to the second of the films in the competition.

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Jun 052015


A huge thanks to Shaun Heenan for agreeing to put together this diary. For instant film reactions, you can follow Shaun on Twitter. – [Ed]

Each year, Sydney Film Festival director Nashen Moodley and his staff craft a pair of programs for Subscribers, who can opt for either the Daytime pass or the Night pass. These tickets can only be purchased before the year’s program is announced, so we subscribers are putting our festival fate in Nashen’s (very capable) hands. Both passes cover the entire competition, but the remaining films are a grab-bag of titles carefully arranged to lead viewers through several intriguing corners of the Sydney Film Festival’s vast program.

This year I’ll be viewing all of the 34 films on the Daytime Subscription, and posting my thoughts on each of them right here. Stay tuned over the course of the Festival for the highlights, a few inevitable lowlights, and my eventual complete exhaustion after eleven days of proscribed viewing.

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