Jun 162015


The 2015 Sydney Film Festival is all over and done with. I’ve spent most of the day catching up on sleep, and now here is the final installment of my diary as a daytime subscriber. I’ll review the final batch of subscriber films, and offer my thoughts on the festival overall.

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Jun 142015


There’s just one day to go now. Daytime subscribers saw three films today, and we’ll be seeing three more tomorrow. Today was a bit of a rollercoaster, with some small films really impressing me and some major films really letting me down. It’s pretty much all competition films from here until the end of the festival, but we had time for one last documentary this morning.

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Jun 132015


Exhaustion got the better of me again today, with the day’s second film suffering the most from my occasional nodding. Just two days to go, now. I have ten sessions left to attend, and I’ll be reviewing six of those here. (And three of those are the same movie. I’m still not sure how I’ll be handling ARABIAN NIGHTS here.) Daytime subscribers saw four more films today, including one competition entrant and one documentary.

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Jun 112015


It’s day seven, and the exhaustion is finally starting to hit me. I was nodding heavily during the first three films I saw today, though I’d estimate I saw around 95% of each of them. Nonetheless, that’s a disorienting way to watch a movie, so my thoughts on those films will be a little more scattershot than usual. This is one of the major hazards of watching this many movies in such a short period of time. It’s surprisingly draining. There are just four days to go now, but my schedule is crazy from here until the end of the festival, so I’ll need to push through and get rest when I can.

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Jun 102015


It’s been a massive day, but now we’ve passed the halfway point of the festival, with just five days remaining. Daytime subscribers saw four more films, including two competition entries. Let’s jump straight in. The day began once again with a documentary.

Fair warning: I was completely ignorant of Zimbabwean politics going into the first film, so I am likely to have gotten some details wrong.

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Jun 092015


Imagine my surprise when I walked into the State Theatre this morning to find it swarming with children. I’d forgotten that our animated film today would be one of the only sessions at the whole festival which allows entry by under-18s. The kids were better behaved than their parents, with one mother needing to be told off towards the end of the film for taking multiple photos of the screen.

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Jun 082015

Last Cab_Day 15_Lake Eyre etc_2014

Day four has come and gone, with two films for subscribers’ viewing pleasure. As a big fan of THE CASTLE, I was a little disappointed to see that Michael Caton didn’t make an appearance for the second screening of LAST CAB TO DARWIN. In fact, while we’ve had a few guests pop in to introduce films, I still haven’t been to a single post-screening Q+A session, during either my daytime sessions or the extra films I’ve been sneaking in on the side. It’s my first year using a daytime pass, so I’m not sure if that’s the norm or if this year has just been a little quiet on the Q+A front. On to the films.

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