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Nov 122015


Fresh from the success of the critically acclaimed Skyfall, the rejuvenated Bond series continues with its 24th official installment, it’s fourth with Daniel Craig in the tux.

In the aftermath of a failed terrorist plot in Mexico City, James Bond (Daniel Craig) uncovers the existence of the eponymous criminal organisation which has a startling connection to his past, particularly in the form of its leader, Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz). Meanwhile, M (Ralph Fiennes) faces mounting pressure as the fate of MI6 hangs in the balance.

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Nov 092012

skyfall bond

Daniel Craig as Bond has been a bit of a mixed venture for some, with Casino Royale receiving high praise from just about everyone (including me); whereas his last outing as the martini drinking, charisma wearing agent proved to be more of a spectacle of stupidity, with bullets replacing smarts in Quantum of Solace (even if I enjoyed it). Now we have Skyfall, which tries to encapsulate the grit, excitement and humanity of both films, yet the charm of the series. Does it succeed? Review after the jump.

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