Cuban Fury

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Mar 242014

He once had fire in his feet and salsa in his soul, but a run in with some local bullies cut short a promising dancing career. Decades later he’s compelled to dance again. Does he still have what it takes to burn up the dance floor? My review of Cuban Fury after the jump.

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This is 40

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Dec 142012


Remember Knocked Up? Yeah? Ok, now forget Seth Rogen and that annoying cast member of Grey’s Anatomy that he impregnated by accident and focus on that other couple – yeah the Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann couple that argued a lot. Didn’t you just think back in 2007, “damn, I’d love to see more of their life and relationship for over 2 hours” ? My review of Judd Apatow’s latest human drama epic, This is 40 after the jump.

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