Magic Mike XXL

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Jul 092015


Magic Mike XXL is an almost euphoric experience, and against all odds (considering I am not at all the target demographic) it has fast become one of my favourite films of 2015 far. It is directed by Gregory Jacobs, a long-time collaborator with Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Side Effects, Ocean’s Eleven), serving as a producer and assistant director on many of his films. Writer/producer Reid Carolin, who has worked with lead star Channing Tatum on a number of projects including 21 Jump Street, returns for the screenplay. I read that 96% of the film’s US audience in its [disappointing] opening week were women. This doesn’t surprise me, but my goal here is to convince anyone and everyone to see this film.

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Jupiter Ascending

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Feb 182015

Jupiter Ascending 1

A house cleaner is actually space royalty and Channing Tatumn is an interplanetary warrior-wolf man with moon boots. The Wachowskis (Cloud Atlas, The Matrix) bring back the crazy with Jupiter Ascending, a film that I had a heck of a lot of fun with, sometimes at the film’s expensive. Review after the jump.

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Feb 012015


Films about white males living in a fantasy world are just about one of the most unoriginal and over-used dramatic structures around; that doesn’t mean they can’t be brilliant or interesting films, it’s just that we appear to be stuck inside of an obsessively male and delusional-culture mindset. This will come as a surprise to very few people (probably only to the aforementioned group of males). There are presently such an over-abundance of films that inhabit these fantasy worlds. There is no single reason why, just as there is no single way to engage with these fantasies. Examples currently in cinemas approach the topic with either total dedication (American Sniper), questioning exuberance (Birdman) or fascinated perplexity (Foxcatcher), being the three most prominent examples right now. These three films tend towards the destructive and the depressed.

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