Dec 292013

Do you ever get panicky when you think about how many great films you haven’t seen? How many films have just slipped under your radar? Sometimes I do. Whether they be undiscovered gems, critically lauded hits or cult classics, there are so many unseen films. Last year I did my best ‘new to me films’ by quarter, but this year I’m putting them in one big post. These are a mix of festival titles, older films and films which won’t be released until 2014 in Australia which I caught during 2013 (although some of these films have had or will get a cinema release, they weren’t widely released here in 2013). In no particular order (although the film in the above picture is my clear #1), my top 20 ‘new to me’ films are after the jump.

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Dec 182013

And so, it’s that time. I’ve curated/obsessed over my best of the year list since late 2012 when I started seeing some of the 2013 releases early. I am really such a list nerd (really, it’s quite sad). This list is based exclusively on films which had a cinema release in Australia in 2013. It could have been a single cinema, but it had to have a release. Festival only titles, direct-to-dvd and films I have seen this year which don’t release until next year (such as 12 Years a Slave and Nebraska) were not included. I will release a second list in March 2014 which is all 2013 films (films released here between March 1, 2013 and Feb 2014, festival titles and anything I saw which didn’t get a release).

Without further adieu, my list of the best films of 2013 (based on Australian cinema releases) is after the jump!

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Dec 132013

For those who read An Online Universe regularly, you all know how much music in film means to me. A brilliant score or soundtrack is enough to elevate a good film to great, and a great film to a whole new level of awesome. I wanted to share my 5 favourite original scores of the year. These are all films I saw for the first time at the cinema in 2013, although their release dates may be different in various countries. My top 10 original scores after the jump.

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