Mar 232016


The hero of Metropolis vs the hero of Gotham. Are they really heroes or are they vigilantes who see themselves above any rule of law? In an epic showdown between two of the greatest superheroes, will there be any winners? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is reviewed after the jump.

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Oct 012014

Gone Girl

You get a call from your neighbour that your cat has somehow got out. You come home, collect the cat and deposit it back in the house, however something isn’t right. The door is open, there’s a mess in the lounge and your wife is gone. Gone Girl is reviewed after the jump.

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Apr 152014

Amy (played by Rosamund Pike) mysteriously disappears on the day of her wedding anniversary and her husband (played by Ben Affleck) soon becomes the prime suspect.

A few weeks ago I decided I would read the best-selling novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn before the film adaptation by director David Fincher, adapted for the screen by Flynn was released. The book was incredibly addictive, a really good ‘who done it’ with intriguing characters and an interesting construct. As I was reading the book I was imagining how Fincher might portray a particular scene or how intense certain moments would feel and I started really looking forward to this film.

The just-released trailer doesn’t give much away at all, but it does point to a dark, moody film. This case isn’t straight forward and I’m sure Fincher is going to throw some curve balls in there. I’m also really looking forward to hearing some more original work from composers Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. There is no release date set in Australia at this time.

Jul 122013

to the wonder film

Oleg Kurylenko, Ben Affleck, Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams star as wandering entities at the mercy of Terrence Malick in his latest effort, To The Wonder. A visceral odyssey of love, faith and human definition. Does the result meet the incredible ambition and intention? Or is it merely a collage of leaves that borders on self parody? Find out after the jump.

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Oct 152012


It’s 2005, Surviving Christmas has just gone straight to DVD in AUS and NZ, copies of Pearl Harbour are found in fireplaces and bins instead of shelves and Daredevil to most was about a blind man wearing leather to boost his confidence. Did anyone ever guess that their common factor would end up being one of Hollywood’s best directors only 5 years later? Can Affleck make it three-for-three as a director with Argo, his most multilayered film? Find out after the jump.

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