12 Films To Watch This Autumn

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Feb 252016


Autumn not only brings some relief from the long, hot summer, but also an interesting mix of films. It’s a combination of 2015 titles that played at festivals and are getting a cinema release, and an eclectic mix of 2016 titles from almost every genre. This Autumn we’re looking forward to single-take marvels, Ralph Fiennes dancing, and a show down between two popular superheroes. Check out our 12 films to watch this Autumn* after the jump.

*dates correct at the time of posting this article, but you all know how the Australian release schedule shuffle goes..

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10 Anticipated 2016 Films

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Jan 052016


Every year I look ahead and pick 10 films from the upcoming slate that I am interested in seeing. Some years I pick well, other years, not so much. You can see my 2015 picks here. I picked 2 of the worst films of 2015, 1 film I didn’t see, and 1 that didn’t even get release. Of those picked I only really loved Knight of Cups, although I will defend Jupiter Ascending, Blackhat and Tomorrowland, 3 films dismissed by most which I quite enjoyed.

Along with the 10 I have picked, I am also looking forward to seeing all of the yet-to-be-released-in-Australia-2015 films: The Hateful Eight, Anomalisa, Steve Jobs, Sherpa, Sunset Song, Son of Saul, etc.

See my 10 picks for 2016* after the jump.

(*there is absolutely no guarantee that we will get to see these films in Australia in 2016 – we can only hope)

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10 Anticipated 2015 Films

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Jan 022015


It’s not the films you are anticipating that are usually exciting, it’s the ones you don’t know about yet. The ones that pop up at festivals, that sneak into cinemas in limited release, or go direct to VOD and get everyone talking. From my 2013 anticipated films list I ended up absolutely loving only one, The Place Beyond the Pines, although I did adore Calvary which I ended up seeing in 2014. I did a little better in 2014 – I liked 6 of the films (some liked – some really, really liked) and I haven’t had the chance to see 3 of them yet. How will my 2015 picks go? We’ll see… They’re after the jump.

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