Jun 182015


As I reach the end of my 2015 Sydney Film Festival Diary I have been fighting off a lack of post-festival motivation to get this done. There are two films I watched over the last four days that I haven’t been able to review – Cemetery of Splendour and The Assassin. The former I enjoyed, but watched on the verge of slumber. It is a mesmerising film, suited for that sleepy atmosphere, but I have no idea how to describe the experience. The latter I appreciated on a visual level, but struggled to make sense of the story, which doesn’t clue in an audience with cultural or historical context. I am not sure what to say about either, and I feel like it is better to leave them alone. But, after the jump you can find my reviews of Phoenix, Tangerine, Arabian Nights: Volumes 1-3, Seymour: An Introduction and Me & Earl & the Dying Girl. 

And, you can find all of my personal awards, and final ranking of films here:

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Jun 132015


Days 6 through 8 are where things get tough. Back to work, and squeezing in a double in the evening is sure to leave even an experienced festival-goer struggling. But, it was not to be. I have persevered through the toughest tests of stamina and have collated my immediate thoughts on seven more films. They are: Welcome to Leith, Cartel Land, Tehran Taxi, Dope, Black Souls, Our Little Sister and Victoria.
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