Jan 052013


Norman can see dead people. Well, to be more precise Norman can see ghosts of any once-living thing which is stuck on Earth, unable to pass into the afterlife. Norman can also see that a very angry and vengeful ghost is about to wreak havoc on his hometown. The problem? No one believes him. Review of ParaNorman after the jump.

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Dec 272012

only god forgives ryan gosling

With 2012 almost behind us, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2013 and what film goodness it will bring. Well it’s looking to be a good year, with some big name directors releasing new films, and favourite actors returning to our screens. But do you know what the most exciting thing is? The films that will probably end up wowing us, or being our favourites, are most likely completely unknown at this point. Look at your top 10 of 2012 – how many of those were you excited about in 2011?I bet at least half were films that blindsided you, or came onto your radar after festival screenings. Now isn’t that something to get excited about? After the jump, check out our top 10 most anticipated films for 2013 – well the ones that we know about now anyway.

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