Laurence Anyways – A Rainbow of Colour

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Mar 262013


Laurence Anyways is the third feature film from French-Canadian film-maker Xavier Dolan. I’m a huge fan of Dolan’s work – I think he has a really unique voice and I love the way he uses colour and pulsating electronic music. It’s incredible that someone so young is making such beautiful films. I’m so excited to follow Dolan’s career and see what he does next.

I thought about reviewing the film, but decided that I couldn’t say anything that Cameron Williams didn’t say in his excellent review (which you can read here). Instead I wanted to share some images that show how Dolan uses colour. I recommend that you view the images while listening to this song. Check the rainbow of colour out after the jump.

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21st Century Horror Pet: Midnight Meat Train

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Mar 042013


An Online Universe is proud to present a semi-regular series of articles about the state of 21st Century horror films by Ben Buckingham. We’re very pleased to be able to share the insight of someone with such knowledge and passion for the genre [Ed].


Midnight Meat Train

Popcorn Horror and The Separated Human

Revisiting films often makes for an intriguing journey, moving forwards and backwards as we return to a past point in cultural and personal history, seeing the distance travelled since and invigorating with renewed eyes. When time permits, I will take a fresh look at the horror films that populated our collective consciousness with new nightmares for a new millennium. Let’s say from 2001 through to 2010. The world has turned enough for us to apply some distance to the experience these films engender, to see the social, political, cultural frameworks they inhabited with a clearer eye. In our first entry, Midnight Meat Train (2008), seeing can become an inescapably dangerous act.

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Blind Spot Series: 2001: A Space Odyssey

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Jan 312013


My first film for the 2013 Blind Spot series was the much-loved 2001: A Space Odyssey. I didn’t really know a whole lot about this film, but I figured it was one that I should watch. Well I ended up watching it twice in 3 days. Let me try to explain what happened after the jump.

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The Films of Denis Villeneuve – Maelstrom/Polytechnique

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Jul 102012

polytechnique_2009As part of my July focus on Canadian films, Sydney reviewer Andrew Buckle of The Film Emporium has kindly provided his thoughts on two films from director Denis Villeneuve – Maelstrom and Polytechnique.

Andrew has reviewed a number of films from the ‘Possible Worlds – Top 100 Canadian Films list, which inspired my focus on Canadian films this month. I strongly encourage you to check out his thoughts on the following films (click on the film title to go to Andrew’s review):

Cafe De Flore
Monsieur Lazhar 
Naked Lunch/Crash 
Take This Waltz
Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil


After the jump, check out Andrew’s thoughts on Maelstrom and Polytechnique.

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