An Update – July 2016

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Jul 172016


Hello all. You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet since Sydney Film Festival wrapped up last month. We thought it was time to provide an update. For the foreseeable future we have decided to scale down our efforts on An Online Universe. For a long time we’ve posted festival news, weekly release schedules, reviews of new films and more on a fairly regular basis. While rewarding, it is extremely time-consuming, and that’s time we just don’t have to give at the moment.

We’re not closing down or going away. When we see something we want to write about or have something to say, we’ll post it on here, it just won’t be to any schedule – we might post 4 things one week and then go 3 weeks without posting anything else, but we’re still going to be here in some form. We hope you’ll still stop by time to time. You can also still find us spouting opinions regularly on Twitter.

Sam & Andrew

The 2015 AOU Awards

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Jan 012016


We (Sam and Andy) have together reminisced on the year that has just passed, and have honoured the films, actors, directors, writers and various technical professionals whose work we believe define the best of what 2015 bestowed upon us.

These are not the films we expect to win the Oscars, but these are our personal highlights of another fantastic year for film. They are the An Online Universe Oscars, selected with love and appreciation. We hope you enjoy them, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Continue reading »

So, hey…

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Sep 242015


So, hey. You might have noticed we’ve been a little quiet over the last few weeks. It turns out when you move house you don’t have time to see many movies, and you have even less time to write about them. It turns out, you also need the internet to keep a website running. We were without the internet for a couple of weeks and it just wasn’t possible to get content up.

Tomorrow we’re off to New Zealand for a short while, much means the site is going to be quiet for just a little longer. When we’re back we’ll be well rested, connected, and excited to get back to writing about films.

So, hey. We’ll be back soon. We hope you’ll be there.

PS – go see SICARIO and THE MARTIAN. We think they’re both tops.

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An Update

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Jul 272015

Law School
Dear Readers,

This is just a little update to let you know of some changes. There is going to be a little less content on the site for about 50% of the year, as I have gone back to studying. It’s on a part-time basis only as I’m still working full-time, but the studyload is heavy. Unfortunately that means something has gotta give, and that something is film.

I’ll still be posting the odd review and post here and there, but for the most part it will be Andrew who will keep An Online Universe chugging along. We’ve been talking about doing a podcast for a while now, so that’s something that could happen in the near future…we’re working on it.

Anyway, we’re still here and we’re still seeing films…so don’t leave us, okay?


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Happy 3rd Birthday To Us!

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Feb 072015


An Online Universe is now three years old.

I have thought about closing the site down and quitting so many times. There are weeks when writing is a chore and months when I hate everything I write. Life gets busy and it’s often difficult to dedicate the time needed to keep it ticking along. Sometimes the site is busy and other times, not many people drop by. Often I wonder, is the effort is worth it?

Then THAT film comes along. The one that crawls into your brain and fills in every space it can. It eats away at you, it haunts your dreams, it jumps on your moments of quiet. When that happens, writing is the only cure. Writing is exorcising the whirling thoughts from your brain and shaping them into a form that others can hopefully comprehend.

So for now, An Online Universe lives. Thank you for dropping by, it really does mean the world.

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Aug 312014


It’s holiday time! When most people go on holiday they go and sit on a beach or do other such relaxing things. Well, I watch movies. Some people might think it’s crazy flying across the world just to sit in the cinema, but if you’re a regular reader of this site, I doubt you’re one of them.

While I’m away at TIFF I won’t be reviewing films. This is a bucket list holiday for me and I want to soak every minute of it up. I’ll take some notes and hopefully write some things when I’m home, but for now my intention is to take it easy.

Thankfully I have a bunch of amazing and talented friends and writing colleagues who have agreed to fill An Online Universe with interesting writing while I’m away. There’s some reviews from an upcoming festival, posts about great films that have been forgotten and lists of the best films set in various places.

I’d like to thank every one in advance for their fantastic contributions! Over the next three weeks there will be posts going up frequently between 11am-Midday (Sydney time), so be sure to come back and read the excellent pieces.

Follow me on my holiday adventures via Twitter @sakura_59 and keep up with my thoughts on the films via Letterboxd

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An Online Universe is 2!

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Feb 042014

It’s our 2nd Birthday! It’s hard to believe that I’ve written about movies on this site for 2 years now and you all are still reading. Over the last year I’ve written some things I am really proud of. I think my coverage of the Sydney Film Festival was excellent; I loved immersing myself in the Sydney Underground Film Festival; and think some stand alone reviews such as The Wolf of Wall Street were fairly decent.

So far 2014 has been a quiet one on the site. It’s not that there hasn’t been good movies to write about, it’s more that I haven’t really felt like writing about them. I think all writers have slow patches, times when for whatever reason they’re just not as motivated. I’ve learnt over the last 2 years not to be so hard on myself in these times. Just ride it out, keep watching movies and the inspiration will return soon enough. An Online Universe will certainly be around to celebrate birthday number 3. This is the year I’m going to the Toronto International Film Festival after all!

A special thanks to Chris Elena, Johnson Hii, Luke Grima, Ben Buckingham, Kimberley Santos and everyone else who has contributed over the last year. I’m honoured that you are willing to let me share your thoughts on film.

Most important of all, thank you dear readers. Frequent readers, occasional readers, people who find the site for the first time – you’re what makes it all worth it.


By Sam McCosh

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An Online Universe has a new look!

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May 162013



So you might have noticed something a little different…that’s right, we’ve got a shiny new design! I really wanted to make the site sleeker  faster and easier to navigate. It’s also now more mobile friendly. For most devices, the site should automatically resize to suit the device that you are viewing it on.

The features menu contains all of non-review posts, like ‘The Best Film Set In…” and coverage of various awards. At An Online Universe we love film festivals! We love them so much they now have their own dedicated drop down menu. Just because the festival isn’t listed in the drop down menu, doesn’t mean we haven’t written something about it. Simply click on ‘festival’ to read all of our posts related to film festivals. The same deal goes for the ‘features’ and ‘reviews’ tabs.

Thanks so much to our designer Kimba McG for the amazing site makeover. You can check out more of Kimba’s work (and maybe hire her for your site redesign) at

Huge thanks also to my good friend Tom Eastman who looks after the “engine room” of the site and keeps everything humming along nicely.

We hope you like the site and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Oh, and by the way. Can you name all 18 films in our film header? They are from films that I absolutely adore.

Thanks for your support and we hope that you continue to enjoy what we do. It’s all for the love of the movies!
By Sam McCosh

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