Nov 032015


October wasn’t a particularly busy month for viewing, but I did see some rather wonderful films. The highlight of my month was a first time viewing (on Halloween eve) of An American Werewolf in London. Those who read the site often will know I am not much of a horror buff, so this was a rare dip into the genre. It’s such a fantastic film. I can see why it won the inaugural Academy Award for Best Makeup – the transformation from man to wolf is something special. Thanks for everyone who encouraged me to watch it. Check out the rest of my October viewing after the month.

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Oct 312015


October has been a weird month. Following a much needed break, and a short-lived feeling of refreshment, we have had a lot of social engagements and I have been dealing with some exhausting work-related pressure. I feel like I have had a lot of different projects going on at once, but haven’t achieved very much. I have done very little writing, unfortunately. This is both due to time constraints and being unable to articulate my feelings about some of the films I have seen (see The Lobster and Youth). Thankfully Sam has been picking up my slack. We have visited to cinema a lot – it has been a treat catching up with some of the Palme d’Or contenders at various festivals.

In addition to watching 25 films and juggling an anxiety-inducing amount of TV (five shows going at once, very unlike me), I also polished off Making Movies by Sidney Lumet. This has been described as the most honest account of the filmmaking process ever written. It is terrific, and I urge all film buffs to read it. Eye-opening stuff, and if it wasn’t already obvious that Lumet is one of the most intelligent directors to ever work, it will be clear after this. I also tackled Infinite Jest and saw all hope of my December 3 completion goal drift away as I struggled to page 115. I will persevere, and complete it, but I need a new approach. I am nowhere near Zen enough right now to take it in comprehensively. The NBA season has re-started so I can add that to the numerous distractions.

Coming up in November – we will be watching four films at the British Film Festival, including Sufragette and 45 Years, as well as Knight of Cups and Spectre. I will also dedicate some time to catching up on films missed earlier in the year. Also, expect the ‘Awards Season’ to commence, and we will try and cover this period as comprehensively as we can, similar to previous years.

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Oct 072015


September was not the Martian wasteland at the cinema that the photo above might suggest. In fact, September saw me add three films to my favourite of the year list. Aside from these, there were a couple of well executed genre pieces, some underground film festival weirdness, rewarding rewatches, and a film so bad the director refuses to put his name to it. My round-up of the 24 films I viewed in September is after the jump.

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Oct 042015


September was one of the most eventful months of the year so far – which involved moving house, and being without internet for two weeks, and a short holiday in New Zealand – and this resulted in limited opportunities to write. You will have seen a recent absence of content on the site, apologies for that we’ll be back shortly. Without the internet and the ability to stream, I didn’t have too many viewing options at home, so I decided to re-watch some of my blu-rays. I also caught ten films at the Sydney Underground Film Festival, which made up a majority of my cinema viewing, in addition to a select few regular releases we prioritised around our busy packing/moving schedule. Check out my quick thoughts on all of the films after the jump (ranked by preference):

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Sep 012015


A short trip to the Melbourne International Film Festival saw this month have a healthy 22 films viewed, 13 of those at the cinema. While MIFF contained my two favourite viewings of the month, it also saw me walk out of a film for only the second time in my life, and saw me fall asleep in two other films. Oh dear. My film and TV viewing round-up for August 2015 is after the jump.

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Sep 012015


With regular life being busy – planning a move of house, and serious work commitments – my recent viewing habits (29 films in August) have been erratic and somewhat purposeless. We traveled to Melbourne for a long weekend for MIFF, which ended up being a great weekend for socialising, but a mixed bag in terms of films. I caught another six films in cinemas to keep in the know, and spent a considerable amount of time surfing Netflix, watching random films that took my fancy. Certainly the best time investment was Bloodline, which Sam and I consumed one episode at a time over a fortnight. Coming up in September – coverage of the Sydney Underground Film Festival and hopefully the Italian Film Festival. But, it is likely to be another quiet one. Thoughts on everything I watched in August after the jump.  Continue reading »

Aug 022015


Three of the seven films I caught at the cinema during July are among the very best films I have seen this year. It has been an excellent cinema-going month. It helps that I have seen less and been more selective about my film-going choices; but it’s also indicative of how strong the blockbuster season has been this year. Sure there’s been the usual duds and flops, but overall it has produced some really excellent films. The best film I saw in July wasn’t at the cinema however, it was one I missed and saw at home. My round-up is after the jump.

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Jul 032015


So, this month I predominantly watched films at the Sydney Film Festival. I am not going to rank them here as I normally would, because my thoughts on all but a couple can be found in my Diaries (1-3 / 4-5 / 6-8 / 9-12). My five favourite films that I saw during the crazy twelve days were Victoria, Corn Island, Welcome to Leith, Tehran Taxi and Cartel LandA couple of  controversial disappointments: Tangerine and Me & Earl & the Dying Girl. 

After Sydney Film Festival I had a bit of a hiatus and didn’t watch films or write much for a while. I took up gaming a lot more – first NBA 2K15, then Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. The latter has certainly been a big time suck, but it is a fantastic game. We also did some other cultural things too – like see a stage show (Thomas Jordan’s solo act ‘Cleansed in Blood’ – if it comes to your city, I recommend it).

Coming up in July – consistent new release screenings (will try and have a review a week on the site) and the first instalment of the Director of the Month. Check out my thoughts on some June viewing below:

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