Mar 312016


March was a pretty average month overall on the film front, but damn there was some fine TV. From the 28 films I watched, I would classify quite a few as ‘meh’ or just okay. Thankfully films like Sherpa, Zootopia, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure ensured there was still some good viewing had. Film highlights included the three aforementioned films, along with thrilling bunker adventure and a couple of princesses out of the town. On the TV front, two BBC miniseries and the 5th season of an American comedy series topped. Check out my March monthly round-up after the jump.

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Mar 012016


In February I watched 28 films and 21 episodes of TV – not bad, considering most of them were around the 60 min length). I was also trying to review one film per week, which I maintained until the final week. Honestly, there wasn’t much I felt inspired to write about. I watched a lot of average films this month. I also read Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’, Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’, most of Anthony Doerr’s ‘All the Light We Cannot See’, and for a step back into the past multiple of the classic original ‘Goosebumps’ series.

Like January, I haven’t been to the cinema very often – only Hail Caesar! and Concussion outside of the three media screenings, content with watching semi-new and older content at home. I had either seen most of February’s big releases already (Brooklyn, Jobs, 45 Years), or they simply didn’t interest me (Deadpool).

Coming up in March – some hotter screenings, including 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Witch, A Bigger Splash and Sherpa – and a well-deserved break at Easter. I have an ambitious reading goal in mind, and I would like to spend a little more time gaming. Though I am looking forward to continuing on with 11.22.63 and starting American Crime Story, TV will be culled.

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Mar 012016

close encounters

This month has been good. I watched a film a day, which is pretty high for me. Considering I also read 18 books and watched a bunch of TV, it’s been stacked with culture goodness. Film highlights include a Cate Blanchett film which is not Carol, Steven Spielberg’s first feature film, and a documentary set in an Iranian apartment. On the TV front a BBC miniseries and the second half of True Detective season 2 tops. Check out my February 2016 monthly round-up after the jump.

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Feb 012016


I started 2016 off with a lot of goals. I pledged to watch more films that were made before I was born, I pledged to read 52 books, and I pledged to watch 52 films directed, or co-directed by women. It is interesting how much these goals have shaped what I have consumed this year. January is a quiet month for films (since I am lucky to have seen most of the January releases in 2015), so I have visited the cinema less, and watched films at home more. We now have an Apple TV set-up, and that has helped significantly in sourcing films and in being lazy and staying home, rather than going out to the cinema. I only saw 22 films in January, but I watched a decent amount of TV and read 11 books. It was a good month. Check out my significantly expanded monthly round-up after the jump.

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Jan 312016


In January I watched 27 films, completed 3 full seasons of television and read 6 novels. The latter is a much-better-than-expected start on a goal I have set myself in 2016 – to read 30 novels. I have been enjoying the balance, actually finding myself more comfortable in the world of Ancillary Justice or The Price of Salt than in the cinema.

What I expect to be one of the highlight events of the year, a Hateful Eight Q&A screening with Quentin Tarantino, Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson in attendance, came on the back of seeing the film at a Roadshow screening the night before. I can’t think of the last time I saw the same film in a cinema two nights in a row. Especially one projected in 70mm. And one that warrants immediate repeat watching, like this does.  We also attended a special screening of Birdman, with live accompanying percussion score from Antonio Sanchez. A terrific experience, as Sanchez introduced the screening and told of his friendship with Inarritu and how he came to be a part of the film.

With very few other cinema visits I have been raiding Netflix, iTunes and Dendy Direct for film and TV, catching up with a few acclaimed films I missed out on last year and working through new seasons of True Detective and Bored to Death, in addition to the excellent first two seasons of Halt & Catch Fire, which no one talks about.

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Jan 022016


December is always one of the busiest months of the year. Work is wrapping up, which means deadlines move forward and new year strategies and goals are set. There are Christmas functions and various festive events, including a bunch of screenings for the film media. Distributors try and show outlets as many of their January releases as they can, so there are often 3-4 viewing options per week throughout December. I attended about half of the sessions I could have here, but still kept very very busy. I was lucky because I ended up seeing some of my favourite films of the year, which aren’t released until Jan.

In addition to finishing the The Last of Us, an absolute masterpiece of a game, I wound down the year by watching a few easy-going festive films, read a few novels and started playing Grand Theft Auto Five. 

I revealed my 25 Best Films of 2015, but I also wanted to acknowledge here some great films I watched for the first time in 2015 that weren’t released then – Risky Business, Goldfinger, Dr. No, Velvet Goldmine, Winnebago Man, Wet Hot American Summer, Red Road, Re-Animator, The Secret of Kells, Toys, Swingers, Frailty and Baadassssss!

I ended up watching 345 films in 2015 – 20 short of one film per day, a feat I have eclipsed over the last three years. I caught 27 films in December – you can see how I ranked them after the jump: Continue reading »

Dec 012015


November was busy. I caught 31 films, which is about the most I have watched any month this year, June and Sydney Film Festival aside. As the end of 2015 fast approaches, the time is running out to get to those 2015 films I want to watch before the year is out. During November I saw examples of both the best and worse of 2015 cinema, and watched some of the finest television around. Check my round-up out after the jump.

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Dec 012015

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 10: Krysten Ritter filming "Jessica Jones" on March 10, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)

I watched a total of 29 films in November, with a third of them experienced in the cinema. As we near the end of the year publicity screenings start to increase rapidly, with distributors trying to show their December and January films before the Christmas break. December is going to be an equally busy month, and we can look forward to The Revenant, Star Wars and Carol amongst many more. In addition to these screenings, we attended the British Film Festival, which yielded the month’s top film. On home viewing, I have been enjoying working through all of James Bond films, inspired by the release of Spectre. With ten down (including what I understand to be Connery’s best and Brosnan’s worst), I should be able to complete them all before the end of the year. I also caught up with a few intriguing films that eluded me in cinemas (People, Places, Things and Far From Men) as well as a couple of upcoming indie releases The End of the Tour and Mississippi Grind. Aziz Ansari’s Master of None and Marvel’s Jessica Jones have taken up a chunk of my viewing time too – and are amongst my favourites shows of the year. I am only five episodes into the latter, but I’ll be adding completion to the December goals too.

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