May 312013


Harris Glenn Milstead, an overweight actor, singer and stage performer unexpectedly died in 1988. To many, he wasn’t known as Glenn, but as Divine, drag queen extraordinaire who found stardom via filmmaker John Waters, as his chosen leading lady for a large number of his earlier, career-defining films. Divine will be remembered by many as that fearless performer who ate dog feces on camera in Pink Flamingo’s, but to the rest of those who knew and idolised him, he will be remembered as one of the sweetest and most generous people alive. I Am Divine wants to include you, the audience into that latter group, and introduce you not to an act, but to a man whose capacity for love far exceeded the attention he strived for.

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May 282013


The premise is simple. Indie rock band The National have a position for a roadie, and lead singer Matt has a brother he doesn’t see often. So why not have Tom come on the band’s world tour?  Tom (who has always loved making movies) decides to use the opportunity to help out the band while making a documentary film about them. Sounds simple right? Of course it doesn’t quite go to plan. Review of documentary Mistaken for Strangers after the jump.

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May 262013


In the streets of Bangkok, an underworld exists which is a law into itself. If someone is killed, then there can be no peace until vengeance has been delivered. In this underworld there is one man who alone decides when the score has been squared. Cross him and you may find Only God Forgives. Review after the jump.

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May 192013


The Sydney Film Festival programme can be an intimidating beast. There is an amazing array of films from around the world on offer, and it can be tough knowing where to start. Hopefully this post can be of some assistance.

Chris Elena and I have picked 10 films that we think you might want to consider seeing. We haven’t picked any of the official competition films, because we think it goes without saying that all of those films are worth seeing. They’re playing in competition for a reason after all. We’ve picked films we think look interesting because of the people involved, the topic/story, or the reception they have received overseas.

Check out our 10 picks after the jump.

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May 082013

sff logo

Sydney Film Festival has unveiled its 60th programme, with 190 films from 55 countries playing. The films include 19 world premieres, 5 international premieres, and 122 Australian premieres!

For the first time ever SFF screens films from Angola (Death Metal Angola, screening in our Sounds on Screen program); Bangladesh (Television,directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and awarded a Muhr AsiaAfrica special mention at the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival); North Korea(Comrade Kim Goes Flying); Malawi (William and the Windmill) winner of the Grand Jury Award for Documentary at SXSW; and Saudi Arabia (Wadjda directed by Saudi Arabia’s first-ever female film-maker).

The competition films are a fantastic mix of 12 films from different genres and styles of film-makers. Only God Forgives from Dannish director Nicolas Winding-Refn; documentary Stories We Tell from Canadian film-maker Sarah Polley; and 2013 Berlinale Golden Bear winner Child’s Pose are only three of the films in the official competition.

For now we’re just going to leave you with a link to the programme so you can take a look and discover the awesomeness yourself. Check back on the site soon as we’ll have an in-depth look at the films screening; and a look at the Festival Hub, which looks like the place to be this festival.
The full programme can be viewed here.
By Sam McCosh

Apr 032013

readytopoplargeSydney Film Festival have revealed a selection of 27 films which will be among the 160 films appearing in this year’s programme; the festivals 60th!

From SFF Festival Director Nashen Moodley:

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of 27 of the 160 films in this year’s program, revealing a real cross-section of the range and quality of features and documentaries you can expect from our 60th Sydney Film Festival. These are some of the best productions from all over the world that we have in store for you; the films Australia will be hearing about, talking about and arguing about over the next year. You’ll see them here first. Between them, they capture the mood of the times that make us who and what we are today.

Highlights among the announced titles include:

  • Wadjda, the first-ever feature film shot completely in Saudi Arabia – a country in which cinemas are not permitted – by Saudi Arabia’s first women filmmaker, Haifaa Al Mansour  (University of Sydney graduate). Wadjda won the Best Arab Feature Film prize at the 2013 Dubai International Film Festival.
  • The Australian première of highly anticipated neo-Gothic thriller Stoker, directed by legendary Korean director Park Chan-Wook.
  • Canadian film-maker Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell which was highly regarded at TIFF 2012.
  • World Premiere of Australian performance artist William Yang’s documentary William Yang: My Generation, screening in partnership with ABC TV Arts and Vivid Ideas.


The full SFF 2013 programme will be launched on May 8th.

For information about all of the 27 films revealed today; and for further festival information such as how to purchase Flexipasses, please visit the SFF website.