2015 Melbourne International Film Festival Recap

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Aug 102015


Having seen a substantial amount of films in Sydney at our annual international film festival, the weekend my wife and I had pre-programme booked offered risky choices. Unfamiliar with most of the 9 films on our schedule, we were either in for plenty of surprises, or some endurance tests. In the end it was a bit of a mixed bag. Great weekend, though. While the escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney city life, for the slightly colder, greyer and more relaxed hustle of the Melbourne inner city was a necessary one, we made the most of our limited time. In addition to the films, we met up with many of our dear friends for lunch and dinner and satisfied our inner-Bowie with a visit to the excellent ACMI ‘Bowie Is’ exhibition. You can find a quick analysis of all films viewed after the jump:

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Melbourne International Film Festival 2015 Picks & Recommendations

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Jul 122015


It’s MIFF time again. The festival that goes longer than almost any other, and as a result has a programme littered with hidden gems – you just have to be able to find them. MIFF one-upped the Sydney Film Festival (SFF) in the Cannes stakes this year, getting several big titles such as The Lobster, Chronic, and Louder than bombs. There are also a couple of my favourite TIFF14 titles playing at MIFF that did not screen at SFF. I highly recommend you add Tales of the Grim Sleeper and Hungry Hearts to your schedule MIFF goers.

There are a lot of films playing at MIFF that have releases within a few months of the festival. If you want to be smart about your scheduling, make sure you check out the release dates for the more mainstream fare. It’s an easy way to open up spots and see something you otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to see.

After the jump I’ve picked 10 films from the programme that I would love to see if I were going for the entirety of MIFF. I’ve listed ever film An Online Universe can recommend from the programme, and have provided links to those that we have reviewed. I’ve also posted our (Andrew & Sam’s) schedule for the 3 days that we will be attending MIFF. Check it all out after the jump.

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A Film a Day: 17 Films to see at the Melbourne International Film Festival

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Jul 122014

tom at the farm

So you’re bought yourself some passes for the Melbourne International Film Festival. The sheer number of incredible films on offer can be a little daunting and that’s where I hope to help. I’ve put together a 17 Film Programme (without clashes) which I think offers a little bit of everything good at the festival. That’s a film per day of the fest with plenty of time for you to fit other films in if you are so inclined. I’ve also provided a list of everything that I have seen and can recommend. Films I have reviewed are underlined and linked to. I hope it helps! Check out my recommendations and your curated 17 film programme after the jump.

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Upstream Color

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Aug 022013


There is an excellent book entitled Terminal Identity: The Virtual Subject in Postmodern Science Fiction, written by Scott Bukatman, which argues that science fiction is the paradigmatic narrative form of the the postmodern, 21st century world. In science fiction the traditional pathways and understandings are often erased or complicated beyond recognition. The reader/viewer is constantly displaced, confronted with familiar words and concepts made unfamiliar and alien. At every point, nothing can be taken for granted. The world we know is constantly in flux, evolving words and objects and spaces which we have never encountered before, and yet it is all uncannily familiar, still bound to a science wrapped in a fiction. I have just described science fiction, and I have also described out contemporary daily existence. The world has become displacement and disjuncture; our lives are a continual engagement with the unfamiliar, kept on our toes as we attempt to navigate future. There will be a continuity with the past, and we can use it to evaluate and interpret what is happening, but it is not guaranteed that it will help.

With the above in mind, my thoughts on Upstream Color are after the jump.

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Jul 222013

Within the first three minutes of Rewind This! you hear that short sharp gasp: a collector spotting a desired object, the surprise and passion all rolled up in a breath. Rewind This! is in large part a documentary dedicated to the passion and nostalgia of collectors, who are themselves collected here to tell stories and remember the “good ol’ days of VHS”. However, they are but small cogs in a larger tale, one that encapsulates a historical shift in culture. VHS was so familiar to many of us that it is taken for granted how much it altered not only the entertainment industry but also how we ingest and create entertainment.

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MIFF2013 – Programme Recommendations

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Jul 082013

a field in england

With over 300 films screening at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival, navigating the programme and narrowing down which films to see is a hard task. Never fear! The team here at An Online Universe – Ben Buckingham, Chris Elena and myself (Sam McCosh), have each picked 5 films we think are must-sees at the festival. To say that is a varied mix of films and genres would be a gross understatement. Check our 15 recommendations out after the jump.


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2013 Melbourne International Film Festival Tickets Now on Sale

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Jul 052013


The full 2013 Melbourne International Film Festival programme is now live! 

The festival opens with the Australian première of  Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’ s I’m So Excited!, and closes with All is Lost, JC Chandor’s follow-up to the Oscar-nominated Margin Call.

More than 300 films will screen across the 17 day festival, in strands as varied as Accent on Asia,  Backebeat and International Panorama. New strands this year include Defying the Times: Activism on Film; a program of films from North Korea, rarely seen in the West; a program of new Arabic filmic voices; and the new wave of US cinema in States of Play: American Independents. The festival’s retrospective this year is Italian Giallo.

Be sure to check back here early next week for our picks for the must-see films to playing at this year’s festival.


View the schedule for the festival, which runs 25 July -11 August, and book tickets at www.miff.com.au

My Melbourne & MIFF 2012 Trip – Part 3

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Aug 242012


After three films back-to-back I still had the closing night film Mental and the closing night party left attend on Saturday. Sunday I had 2 films planned, while Monday was put aside just for relaxing before heading home. Part 3 of my MIFF/Melbourne diary is after the jump.

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