Feb 202013

10-items-or-less-original It’s 2006, The director of Land of the Lost (2009) and Casper (1995), Brad Silberling has directed Morgan Freeman in what might be his best performance yet. If I’m right in believing that It truly is Morgan Freeman’s best performance, then that’s too bad, since as always with films chosen in The Forgotten, no one saw it.


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Jan 162013


For this week’s The Forgotten, I thought it might be finally time to remember 1999 and how great a year it was for movies….and then remember that one that got away.

It’s 1999 and Martin Scorsese has directed Nicholas Cage in one of his greatest on-screen performances, which was seen by practically no one.

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Jan 072013

orange county

This is a new weekly segment where I [Chris Elena] recommend a movie that was released at a point (Could have been 5 or even 50 years ago) and which was not recognised as a great movie, or even as a great piece of entertainment at the time. Picks will vary each week as I’m constantly asked what good movies are out there and haven’t been seen; or I’m given the description of a film with the title unknown. .

These are what I like to call: The Forgotten… Here at An Online Universe, we’d like to give them a shout out, and give you another great film to add to your ‘to watch’ list.

So let’s begin!
The year is 2002, and we start the very first post off with a comedy…starring Jack Black.

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