Feb 122014


Kevin Kline, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas play four old guys travelling to Vegas for a bachelor party which ultimately results in being a quest to feel youthful and alive. Four Oscar winners, forty Viagra jokes, four hundred reasons why this could never work. My review of Last Vegas after the jump.

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Dec 132013

“You set a crook to catch a crook. We put the big honey pot out there and all the flies came to us”. This was said by Mel Weinberg in 1981. Christian Bale plays Irving Rosenfeld whom is entirely based on Mel, and the above statement is expanded and elaborated on as the plot of American Hustle. However, it’s the moment you see Irving taking more than five minutes to put a wig on that we realise very few crooks will be harmed in the telling of this story. My review after the jump.

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Dec 102013

Dom Hemingway

Recently we’ve been asked as audience members to endure some of the most vile characters imaginable, who have been our entry way into unpleasant stories. Dom Hemingway, the ugliest and loudest of the bunch is in fact the most proud of himself and also the nicest. Why? Because even he knows the people that surround him don’t have one tenth the soul and charm he possesses. In the case of Dom Hemingway, character and dialogue is paramount and narrative is his bitch. My review after the jump.

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Dec 022013

A young girl with telekinesis begins to discover the magic of being included and simply being loved after being deemed a freak at school and having to deal with an insane, religiously obsessed mother who believes almost everyone is a form of evil. Based on the Stephen King novel, it’s my review of the new adaptation of Carrie after the jump.

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Nov 262013

A reserved and quiet individual who resorts to daydreaming and fantasies to feel any sort of self fulfilled satisfaction is thrust into the most extreme of circumstances, which forces them to break from their self-deluded existence. The result? The revelation of their true self-worth. My review of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty after the jump.

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Nov 072013

The direct result of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener and writer/director Nicole Holofcener, an amalgamation of infinite and indescribable talent working together is Enough Said, which utilises a genre and plot convention to the point that it serves as a mere backdrop to one of the best films of the year. Review after the jump.

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