Dec 242017

So, the following list contains my favourite films of the year. I normally run with 25 favourites but I saw 168 new films this year (62 alone were from film festivals) which is more than my usual so I’ve upped it to 30 (And even then it broke my heart cutting some out of a list that began with 50).

These films embodied an honesty and optimism that were needed in a year like this one. These films reflected social progression and change. These 30 films for me encompassed all of those feelings yet not a single one, no matter when or where it was set, ever ignores the current state of things and how bad they are. They each acknowledge it and then give you something in return.

These films are inclusive, exciting, progressive, challenging, hopeful and they greatly improved my year.

Honourable Mentions: Girls Trip, Lady Macbeth, Battle Of The Sexes, The Big Sick, The Florida Project, Blade Of The Immortal, Rat Film, Sami Blood

Please note: Nothing was harder than deciding which of the Top 3 would be my #1 pick.

30. Un beau soleil intérieur

29. Trench


28. Colossal


27. The Salesman


26. Tragedy Girls


25. Logan


24. Win It All


23. Life


22. How To Talk To Girls At Parties


21. Jasper Jones


20. XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage


19. I Dream In Another Language


18. T2: Trainspotting


17. The Beguiled


16. Paddington 2


15. Get Out


14. Wonder Woman


13. God’s Own Country


12. Dawson’s City: Frozen Time


11. On The Beach At Night Alone


10. Raw


9. It Comes At Night


8. Okja


7. Professor Marston and The Wonder Women


6. Call Me By Your Name


5. The Lost City Of Z


4. Phantom Thread


3. Mudbound


2. Moonlight


1. 20th Century Women

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