Dec 192016

There are so many unwritten rules about making a Best Of/favourites list. Some of these were released in some place in 2015, and some aren’t necessarily feature-length films. The films on this list were released in Australia in 2016 in some format, or played here at a festival. They are the 25 films that I learned something from in some way or another. They each in some way challenge either sexism, racism, and classism; and they reinforce the importance that stories have in allowing us to challenge injustices in our world.

If there’s any that don’t make sense, hit me up or ask away. I’d love to talk about any thoughts you have on any of the films listed after the jump.

As always, I hope you dig – Chris.

25. The Meddler 


24. Lemonade


23. Green Room


22. Lovesong


21. Neruda


20. Aquarius


19. High-Rise


18. Grimsby


17. Chasing Asylum


16. Maggie’s Plan


15. Being 17


14. Chevalier


13. The Wailing


12. Steve Jobs


11. The Love Witch


10. Toni Erdmann


9. Queen Of Katwe


8. Mustang


7. Cemetery Of Splendor


6. Wednesday, May 9


5. Chi-Raq


4. San Junipero


3. 13th


2. The Hateful Eight


1. American Honey