Apr 302016


For some reason Ryan McNeil keeps inviting me back to speak on his podcast. I am flattered, but not always up to the task. For this episode we talked about the #52FilmsByWomen challenge (read more about the challenge here). I really enjoyed the chat, but man (or ‘woman’, as would be more appropriate in this case) – my brain was not playing ball. I found it so difficult to articulate myself and describe the plots of films I had watched only a few months before. It was rather frustrating. I am certain I created quite a lot of editing work for Ryan!

Despite my brain farts, I encourage you to give this a listen. This challenge has been incredibly rewarding and at times, rather challenging, particularly in terms of sourcing the films and the lack of films directed by women showing at the cinema in general release. I think you’ll get from the podcast that Ryan and I are both getting a lot out of the challenge, and are for the most part, enjoying it immensely. We also talk about some films we have enjoyed, and some films we are looking forward to checking it. It’s a great way to get some recommendations if you want to get into the challenge, or just watch some more films directed by women.

The full episode is available here.