Jul 222015


Sick of winter? Want to escape Sydney but don’t have the time or money? Well thanks to the wealth of film festivals in the city, you can travel around the world from the comfort of the cinema. In the month between August 6 and September 6, there are no fewer that 7 film festivals happening in Sydney. Here’s our quick guide to what’s on.

David Stratton’s Great Britain Retro Film Festival – August 6-19
Where: Hayden Orpheum Cremorne
What: 19 classic British films, rarely seen on the big screen
Highlights: Stanley Kubrick’s digitally restored 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968); Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now (1973); the 4K digitally restored Carol Reed masterpiece, The Third Man (1949)

Korean Film Festival (KOFFIA) – August 12-20
Where: Event Cinemas, George St
What: 20 feature from from the exciting world of Korean cinema; 4 guest sessions
Highlights: Han Ji-won’s animation Clearer Than You Think (2015); Su-won Shin’s Madonna (2015), which played in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes; Park Jin-pyo’s romantic comedy Love Forecast (2015)

Arab Film Festival – August 13-16
Where: Riverside Theatres
What 10 films from the Arab world
Highlights: Amber Fares’ all-woman race car driving team documentary Speed Sisters (2015); Naji Abu Nowar’s Theeb (2015), a skillful, genre-crossing blend of a coming-of-age drama and a western

AICE Israeli Film Festival – August 18-30
Where: Palace Verona
What: 35 films across 6 categories
Highlights: Ari Foleman’s bold animation Waltz With Bashir (2008); Adam Colederon’s indie Marzipan Flowers (2014); Silvina Landsmann’s compelling documentary Hot Line (2015)

Lebanese Film Festival – August 21-September 5
Where: Bryan Brown Theatre, Hoyts Cinema Bankstown, Hoyts Cinema Entertainment Quarter, and Bankstown Arts Centre
What: Films that display of the diversity of Lebanese cinema and the many perspective through which Lebanon and it’s diaspora can be seen
Highlights: Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet (2014), the famous text brought to life by several directors in animated form; a collection of 10 short love stories, Rio, I Love You (2014); Farrah Zaine ALHashem’s Breakfast in Beirut, an experimental slice-of-life look at Beirut

Persian Film Festival – September 3-6
Where: Chauvel Cinema
What: Films from Persian speaking filmmakers around the globe
The Persian Film Festival programme will be announced soon! Be sure to check the line-up out on their website

Alliance Française Classic Film Festival – September 3-6
Where: Event Cinemas George Street and Hayden Orpheum Cremorne
What: Catherine Deneuve – Une Rétrospective; 6 of her most acclaimed films
Highlights: All the films are worth your time, but it’s hard to go past Luis Buñuel‘s Belle de Jour (1967), arguably the role for which Deneuve was most well-known for.