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So, I just watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls in 6 weeks. What an emotional rollercoaster. I feel like I was just transported back to the age of 16, and re-lived the 7 following years in hyper-speed. The show completely passed me by at the time it aired, which is a shame considering I was the exact same age that Rory was when it was on. I think it might have been a great comfort for me. In honour of my new-found love for show, I present the 10 things I love about Gilmore Girls. I’ve also listed my 5 favourite episodes. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!! Check it out after the jump.

10 things I love about Gilmore Girls

1. Kirk

Star Hallow’s resident oddball and jack of old trades, Kirk is my absolute favourite supporting character. Sean Gunn delivered each and every one of Kirk’s lines with a dead-pan pace and a matter of fact tone. Some of Kirk’s jobs include: Realtor, Actor, Sash maker & presenter, dog walker, salesman, cook, postman, post office worker, tour operator, pest exterminator, alarm installer, assistant manager, baker, stand-in town selectman, and announcer, to name a few.

One of my favourite things about Kirk was his love of the arts. He danced, he did performance pieces, and he did film. His abstract short film (“A Film By Kirk”) played at the end of “Teach Me Tonight” (Season 2, Episode 19). You can watch it in all it’s glory below.

2. Coffee Addiction

As someone who needs coffee to function, I felt a real affinity with Lorelai, Rory, and their coffee habit. I don’t think we ever saw Lorelai go to the doctor once in the show; but surely she would have had high blood pressure and potentially a heart condition – she must have drunk at least a half a dozen giant cups a day.


3. Hep Alien

Rebel gal Lane Kim’s (Keiko Agena) band. Mainly a cover band favouring rock , they added in some original work in later seasons. The band went through a few iterations; but surely the highlight was a tour of Seventh Day Adventist church halls, organised by Lane’s religious Mother (Emily Kuroda), Mrs Kim (a character whose bark was waaaaay worse than her bite). Big shout out to band member Gil (Sebastian Bach), whose easy-going attitude and parenting advice completely rocked. Hep Alien were a bright spark during some of the tumultuous days.

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4. Lorelai & Rory’s Eating Habits

In the real world, there is absolutely no way that people could eat like Lorelai and Rory, and stay a slim as they do. Lorelai shunned fresh food and vegetables with such passion, it’s almost as if she was personally offended by it. Her aversion to using the kitchen for anything other than preparing junk food or coffee, is one of the character’s most enduring quirks. It’s not only the type of food Lorelai and Rory eat, but the quantity. They regularly ordered multiple menu items at Luke’s and often ate more multiple dinners. One of their greatest eating accomplishments has to be eating four Thanksgiving dinners in one day (Season 3, Episode 9).



5. Town Meetings

Are their places like Stars Hollow in the real world? Probably. Do they hold town meetings like those in this show? Surely not; there’d be a reality show about it by now if it was a real thing! I think my personal favourite meeting was from Season 5, Episode 3 (“Written in the stars”), where Taylor brings up how disastrous a breakup between Luke (the diner owner) and Lorelai (the inn owner) would be for Stars Hollow. This is also the episode when Rory and Logan meet for the first time. The town meetings were often the time when Taylor dished out the jobs and/ or discussed the details of the upcoming kooky town event. This list from Buzzfeed lists 13 such events, with ‘The Festival of Living Pictures” being my all-time favourite.



6. All the Awesome Ladies, All the Awesome Ladies

Laaaaaaaaaaaadies. Gilmore Girls is all about the ladies, it’s even in the show’s name. Rory, Lorelai, Sookie, Emily, Miss Patty, Babette, Paris, Lane, Mrs Kim, and Gypsy. Stars Hollow and its surrounds were absolutely packed with amazing women. All of these women were strong, interesting, smart, and unique in their own way. Some had children, some didn’t; some were married, some were single; some were career-orientated, some weren’t. The show didn’t judge the women, it celebrated their differences and let them shine. In a media landscape that often tells men’s stories and is filled with male characters, this show stands out.

7. Friday Night Dinners

Friday night dinners were when all the skeletons came out to play. Meant to be the very pinnacle of a civilized family’s week (no jeans allowed – dresses for the ladies, jacket and tie for the men), this was the time when all manner of topics from the past and present were brought up. Each of the 4 main characters (Emily, Richard, Rory, & Lorelai) stormed out of dinner at least once; however, they were also the site of many, many apologies and loving moments. I don’t know how Rory managed on club sodas for all of those years. One of my favourite aspect of the dinners was Emily’s constant changing staff and the interactions she had with them. She would have been an absolute nightmare to work for.

8. Paris

What can I say about Paris? She’s a character I grew to like, and then to love. At first I thought she was a shallow character, simply there to be a neurotic genius who annoyed and challenged Rory, but it didn’t take long for me to see that her character was so much more. Driven, opinionated, fiercely loyal, crazily intelligent, and completely OTT – Paris was a storm sweeping at warp speed through a village, knocking out large parts of it as she surged. In the later seasons, her relationship was Doyle was a highlight – passionate, with a capital ‘P’.

Her shining moment of the series was quite possibly her joint speech with Rory at the Chilton Bicentennial in season 3, episode 16 (“The Big One”). To say Paris had a meltdown is a bit of an understatement. The speech is posted below in all its beautiful glory.

9. Luke 

I want a Luke. We all want Lukes really. That dependable guy, who comes across as gruff, but really has a heart of gold. He’s handy around the home and good in the kitchen too. Luke may have a short fuse, but you know that his bark is worse than his bite; in fact watching him get angry is more funny than anything. Luke was Lorelai’s Ross, except you actually liked Luke. Sure he’s stubborn, hates change, and sometimes is so tongue-tied it hurts, but he means so well. You know he would be the kind of guy who would do anything for you, and in this show he was exactly that for Lorelai and Rory. The goodbye party he pulls together for Rory’s goodbye in the series finale was enough to make your heart burst.

10. Lorelai & Rory’s relationship

What can I say about this? Their relationship was more co-dependence that parent-child. They needed each other to function; they complimented each other. This was never more apparent than the dark days of the first third of season 6, when the two were estranged. It was almost unbearable to watch, and actually caused me to fall into a blue funk along with them. Their honesty with each other was refreshing, but also painful at times. I can’t imagine discussing some of those delicate coming of age events so frankly with my mother (who I love dearly). Their relationship is the heart and soul of this show – it’s rock solid foundation.



My five favourite Gilmore Girls episodes – or five episodes I really, really love

There’s the Rub – Season 2, episode 16. Lorelai & Emily go away for a spa weekend which mostly involves Lorelai getting angry out of hunger. At the end of the trip they steal bathrobes. Dean & Jesse are idiots, Paris & Rory become proper friends.

The Big One – Season 3, episode 16. See the “Paris” entry above. As well as Paris’s epic meltdown, Sookie discovers she is pregnant, and Rory gets into Harvard and Yale.

The Festival of Living Art – Season 4, episode 7. The whole town gets involved in a festival where townsfolk pose as famous people in paintings. One of the best Kirk episodes – he poses as Jesus in the last supper and he takes his beef with Judas very seriously.

Raincoats and Recipes – Season 4, episode 22 – So much dr-aaaa-maaa. The Inn has its test run, Emily & Richard fight, Kirk suffers from night terrors, Luke & Lorelai kiss, Rory loses her virginity.

Driving Miss Gilmore – Season 6, episode 21 – This episode is mostly amazing because of the adorable reaction that Sookie and Jackson have to marijuana plants growing at Jackson’s vegetable farm. Lorelai looks after Emily after her eye surgery and admits to her that the wedding between her and Luke is never going to happen.


One of the reasons I decided to watch the show was the enthusiasm that Cam Williams has for it. I really enjoyed checking in with him along my journey and geeking out about particular characters or events. I asked him to tell me his favourite episodes for this post (which may have caused him a few stress lines), and these were what shared with me.


Teach me Tonight – Season 2, episode 19

They Shoot Gilmore’s, don’t they? – Season 3, episode 7

Dear Emily and Richard – Season 3, episode 13

The Big One – Season 3, episode 16

A Tale of Poes and Fire – Season 3, episode 17

We’ve got Magic To Do – Season 6, episode 5

Thanks Cam!


So basically what I’m saying is, if you haven’t watched the show, it’s something you should make time for. Your life will be fuller because of it.

By Sam McCosh

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