Jun 032015


In my never-ending fight to see female directed films on the big screen, I did all I could to peruse the latest Sydney Film Festival program to see just how many films directed by women were being showcased over the 12 day festival, screening over 200 features, here’s a list of all the ones I could find and all the films I’ll be making my mission to see over the next 12 days.

Sworn Virgin
Madame Bovary
Tyke Elephant Outlaw (co-direct)
Goodnight Mommy (Co-direct)
My Skinny Sister
Gayby Baby
The Shore Break
Villa Touma
The Diary Of A Teenage Girl
The Invitation
Something Better To Come
The Summer of Sangaile
The Wolfpack
Life Is Sacred (Co-directed)
The Bolivian Case
Second Coming
The Second Mother
Foodies (co-directed)
Red Rose
A Second Chance
The Secret River
Brand: A Second Coming
Women He’s Undressed
Wide Open Sky
Good Things Await
Tea Time
Deus Foix


These are just the features currently listed on the overly large schedule, if there are any film missing that were directed or co-directed by a female director, list them away, mention it in the comments. The whole point of this list is for more attention to be given to female filmmakers, especially ones premiering their début films which have been seen by little to no audiences. I want to get them some attention in an almost always patriarchal cinema slate.I have 26 scheduled to see, the remaining few after that, I’ll be doing my best to track down.

Praise a festival showing 34+ female directed feature films when only three are in current release amongst many, many male directed pictures.

By Chris Elena