May 022015


It rained a lot in Sydney this month. When it rains I like to stay home and binge watch TV; I don’t really feel like going out to the cinema. I only saw 5 films on the big screen this month, but I watched a heck of a lot of TV. Oh and documentaries, I watched a handful of those too. My April round-up is after the jump.

Screenings: refers to anything I have seen at the cinema/on the big screen.
New at home: encompasses new-to-me, first-time viewings on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD/Screeners
Rewatches: are [obviously] things I’ve seen before , which I’m viewing again at home
Best viewing: my favourite viewing in each of the categories listed above

Apart from the ‘Best Viewing’, films are listed in the order they were viewed in.



Best viewing: Black Sea

The Age of Adaline
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Banksy Does New York

New at Home


Best viewing: Following

Red Road
Listen Up Philip
Atari: Game Over
To Be Takei
Rich Hill
TINY: A Story About Living Small
Lost River



Best viewing: Back to the Future III

Mad Max
Wet Hot American Summer
Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theatre
Back to the Future Part II
James and the Giant Peach
Mission Impossible

The best thing I saw at the cinema this month was submarine thriller, Black Sea. It was one of those cinema-going experiences where I was literally gripping my seat because of the intensity. Jude Law goes full throttle with his accent and the greed demon slays sensibility. It has issues, but its a damn fine addition to the submarine film cannon.

At home I watched Ryan Gosling’s directorial début, Lost River. This film was freaking weird – more of a sensory, trippy experience, than a film. At it’s heart it’s about a single mum who is willing to do anything to make enough to keep her house from being foreclosed. The stuff surrounded that is the weird part – towns underwater, ghosts, curses and an urban wasteland which nature is slowly taking over. It won’t be for everyone but it’s worth watching for the amazing cinematography, spooky score and really creepy atmosphere. The kid shows promise!

Rich Hill has been on my radar since the North American festival circuit from the first half of last year – I believe it received a bunch of awards and it was well received by some friends who I trust. It’s quite a powerful documentary in that, the camera is quite passive – it simply observes, records and lets the situation and the subjects speak for themselves. For me this documentary was a reminder not to judge – people can end up in situations in their lives for many reasons and just because that’s where they are, it doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to do better/change/find a better way.

Coming up in May? Tomorrowland and Mad Max: Fury Road. Oh yes.

2015 Film Viewing Totals

Screenings: 24
New at Home: 36
Rewatches: 18

Total: 78



Gilmore Girls – Season 1
Hart of Dixie – Seasons 2-3
The Layover – Season 1
Louie – Season 4
Daredevil – Season 1, episodes 1-3

So, I love Anthony Bourdain. He has a potty mouth, he loves drinking, he has no filter and he loves food. The Layover is a travel/food show where he spends 24-48 hours in a city and crams as much awesome in as he can. It’s funny, informative and makes me want to travel. Louie season 4 was a very interesting beast. It was much darker than the previous season and had much stronger narrative through lines. I liked it a lot.
I also started Gilmore Girls but I don’t know that I love it….yet. It’s pretty charming though.