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Sorry for being a little late with my March round-up. Truth is I only watched 18 films during March, and while there were a couple of gems, almost all of my good viewing was from rewatches, both on the big and small screen. Why only 18 films in March? Well I was busy getting married – that’s a good enough excuse, right? While away at our wedding location we only watched one film and that was the utterly delightful Paddington. Check out my full round-up after the jump.

Screenings: refers to anything I have seen at the cinema/on the big screen.
New at home: encompasses new-to-me, first-time viewings on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD/Screeners
Rewatches: are [obviously] things I’ve seen before , which I’m viewing again at home
Best viewing: my favourite viewing in each of the categories listed above

Apart from the ‘Best Viewing’, films are listed in the order they were viewed in.




Best viewing: While We’re Young

A Most Violent Year
Inherent Vice
Shaun the Sheep
Big Eyes


New at Home


Best viewing: The Secret of Kells

Speed Racer
Hot Rod
The Institute
Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats




Best viewing: Infinitely Polar Bear

You’ve Got Mail
The Witches
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


I rewatched Inherent Vice at the cinema and I have to say, that it did not hold up as well on second viewing. I don’t know if it was that the cinema was too big, or the audience just wasn’t the right fit, but I didn’t laugh half as much. I still like it alot, but I was surprised that I got less from it. I have always found PTA films get better on subsequent viewings, is Inherent Vice an anomaly?

A Most Violent Year makes it 3-from-3 from incredibly talented writer-director, JC Chandor. While this would be my least favourite of his 3, I think it is an incredibly accomplished film. The vibe was one of despair and darkness and this was reflected by the dark lightning and muted colours of the film.

The Secret of Kells had been recommended by Ruth Richards, who wrote about the film in a Forgotten piece for the site. She was so very right about how amazing it is. I loved the Irish folklore and mythology storyline, it was such a unique tale, and told so very beautifully too. I was genuinely moved by the characters and quite emotional at the end. Director Tomm Moore’s latest film Song of the Sea was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. It is playing at the upcoming Sydney Film Festival and I will definitely have it on my must-see list.

Coming up in April? I’m not sure. It’s nice to be surprised…

2015 Film Viewing Totals

Screenings: 19
New at Home: 26
Rewatches: 11

Total: 56




House of Cards – Season 3

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season 1
Bored to Death – Season 2
Hart of Dixie – Season 1
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1

Currently airing seasons: The Last Man on Earth (Season 1), Togetherness (Season 1), Brooklyn 99 (Season 2), American Justice (Season 1).

I know you all told me how great It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is, but….I don’t see it. I will give it to mid-season 2 to get me onboard, but at the moment I’m not enjoying it. The main characters are all annoying, they whine a lot and they’re not particularly nice people. I just don’t have fun watching them.

House of Cards season 3 was a marked improvement on the second season, with the Russia side-story far superior than the China one the season before.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was really fun after it got through the first awkward 3-5 episodes which were a bit too fish-out-of-water heavy. It’s great to watch Tina Fey’s comedy again, I really do enjoy her perspective on our crazy world. In contrast with this show, The Last Man on Earth had a great first 3-4 episodes and has gone downhill since. Turning Phil into a selfish unlikable character is ruining the show – it’s just not fun to watch him be a jerk. I hope it turns around, because the first few episodes had me in hysterics.

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